New 35mm Analog Film Simulations in the “Oven” – and follow up on “my latest purchases”

Actually, in the “oven” is speaking early probably, they are not “baked” yet 🙂 I also did not intend to make other Film Simulations outside of Fujifilm Simulations, however, circumstances can change and in this case it did. Being more busy with real film is the most important reason I think, it automatically created the desire to make a digital version of it.
Technical problems with the gear I have, but also logistical problems with the delivery and other problems with new gear have not made it easy lately, but there are also some good things happening.

At an auction I was recently able to purchase an almost brand new “gun metal finish” Olympus OM 2000 with 35/70mm lens for € 150. Maybe not cheap, but I was tired of waiting for the other one, and this one is Mint condition. Hopefully it is also a well-functioning camera, because I urgently need one now.
I found a new supplier online for analog film and I placed my first order, and I also found a new lab to develop my films nearby.
A while ago I shot a roll of Fujifilm Superia 200 on my Olympus OM10 that has already gone to the lab – unfortunately it has also been gone for over 3 weeks now, so I hope it has not been lost either.
A second Fuji Superia 200 is still on a Olympus OM20 only I’m starting to worry that it is also defective – the shutter is acting strange, almost if it only fires at 1/15, or it is the mirror that’s slow. Anyway, the Olympus OM2000, is waiting for a new batch of 35mm film.
That will be:

Rollei Infrared – this is infrared, that’s clear
CineStill 800T – a very special film based on cinema film, and intended for tungsten light
Lomochrome Metropolis – very promising, the pictures of it I saw are very “classic chrome” like, so this was a “must have 35mm film”
Revolog 460nm – something special to try out, the pictures color change as if they were taken through a colored filter, and appear blue/violet or yellow/green
Ilford SFX – not quite sure, very red sensitive, but unclear in the description whether infrared or not
Silberra Color 100 – limited edition (2000 rolls world wide, I bought two), the description says “based on secret Russian color film” – that was enough for me to buy it, more about it here.

And besides those 6 films, I still have a Kodak Ultramax and Kodak Color Plus in the drawer.
For the infrared and the Cinestill 800T I need to purchase a set of Kokin filters – a dark red for the infrared and an orange 85B for shooting the CineStill in daylight – but it’s obvious that there will be some time between deliveries, shooting pictures, developing and finally making a simulation on a computer.
In any case, it gives an idea of ​​new Film Simulations to be expected, all special I think !

And then there is the PictureFX Color toning Pro series, the film simulations that I have always wanted to make in order to have a NIK Collections alternative. I recently released the first set of three: PictureFX Color Toning Pro – Topaz – Topaz Silver and Topaz Gold.
But there are other versions on paper that I want to convert to a Lut or Cube format, unfortunately bound by Covid, I cannot get the right test pictures to be able to develop them further.

Lots to look forward to I think, now all we need is good weather, subjects and more freedom to get out and about.

As for the follow up, these are the latest developments:

  • The English OM 2000 is still on the way, the reason it takes this long would be Brexit and therefore the chaos at customs over there or here. It should work out in the end – hopefully.
  • The German Olympus Pen, eBay got involved because they saw that the seller was not cooperating, in the meantime I have returned the camera and eBay has started a refund procedure – so this will be fine I think.
  • The local Olympus Pen Medical of a second-hand site, the seller apologized and indeed turned out to be completely unaware of the different versions. We’ve made a fair deal, and I’m keeping the camera for now, hoping it’s a little usable anyway. And frankly, I’m a bit afraid to buy another one.
  • The OM/Pen adapter also from a local second hand site, up to this point the adapter has not been delivered, and it probably won’t although I still have hope. After many messages the seller and I where finally able to reach an agreement.

But I still don’t have an adapter. The intention was to use my OM lenses on the small Olympus Medical Pen. For example, I thought of the OM Zuiko 21mm, which has a greater depth of field so that I don’t actually have to focus, and thus solve the problem of a missing focusing screen + a round viewfinder that only shows a part of the image.
The search continues, and hopefully I am finally lucky.

In the meantime, you can always use the Fujifilm Recipes from Mark G. Adams, he probably has recipes you haven’t tried yet, click below to go to his site:

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2 thoughts on “New 35mm Analog Film Simulations in the “Oven” – and follow up on “my latest purchases”

    1. Hi Mark,
      Yes, I am also very interested in the results of the Silberra.
      And you can be sure that I will write about, and the others as well.
      Making film simulations afterwards of a film called Silberra, seems a lot more exciting to, than if it were just Kodak or Fuji. And so it is with some of the others I think.
      The supplier has many other special color and B&W film stock, even a film called bubble gum.
      Anyway, I have to get the films first, take pictures, and then we’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

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