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A picture can tell a thousand words – jExifToolGUI can read them all

First and foremost, what is EXIF ?EXIF or Exchangeable Image File Format – initial release in 1995Is a standard used for images and sound.Contains data such as camera settings (Aperture, Speed, Iso, Focal Length,…)Image metrics such as Pixels and Size.Date and TimeGeolocation, User, Copyright information.And much more… jExifToolGUI is a graphical tool based on PhilContinue reading “A picture can tell a thousand words – jExifToolGUI can read them all”

Portable Storage for your Laptop

A new modern laptop may be faster, but still has one problem, and that is storage.You rarely have more than 512GB when you buy a budget laptop capable of photography and video editing, then we are talking about laptops in the price range of €750-€1500.If you go for a graphically better and/or faster laptop, andContinue reading “Portable Storage for your Laptop”

A Script to solve a Workflow Problem – Improved Version

A while ago I published an article about a script that I used to control the RAW files in my workflow -> A Script to solve a Workflow ProblemIn my workflow I splitted the JPGs and RAW files while transferring to my computerThen I sorted my JPGs, and only kept the RAWs of my best JPGs.TheContinue reading “A Script to solve a Workflow Problem – Improved Version”

KDE Plasma Desktop (Kubuntu) on Ubuntu

So, maybe you also bought a new laptop with Linux like me ?and if it turned out to be a Dell, it will run on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.That’s a good thing, because not only is Ubuntu one of the most stable operating systems, the version 20.04 LTS is supported until April 2030, so you’ll beContinue reading “KDE Plasma Desktop (Kubuntu) on Ubuntu”

A New Laptop with Linux

Since I switched to Olympus, I have also started filming more.I even bought a Zhiyun Weebill S Gimbal to make the filming experience even more pleasant, but I’m not there yet.My best camera stays at home on the short bike rides, and with it the gimbal that I bought exactly for that camera.So my shortContinue reading “A New Laptop with Linux”