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New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers

My new Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers – is a Film Simulation/Style that gives a color palette and tonal partition specially intended for nature shots, wild flowers, etc J.S. style stands for the style of Jo Stephen, a North Dorset based photographer. I could write a lot about her but better if youContinue reading “New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers”

New ! PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1 – Darktable Style

My first PictureFX Darktable style !The PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1I have imitated this DT version as best as possible with the Lut version, however, it is not as RED as the original, that’s because with styles you don’t have an opacity slider, so I had to hold back on power and intensity. You can stillContinue reading “New ! PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1 – Darktable Style”

New DT Styles Update – Mark G. Adams – 16 Awesome Styles !

A long overdue update to “The Largest Collection of Presets/Profiles brought together“It has been since November 2021 !Now there is one, and what an awesome update it is!From the maker of the famous Fujifilm recipes by Mark G. Adams, now also an awesome series of Darktable styles.But, who can say more about this than himselfContinue reading “New DT Styles Update – Mark G. Adams – 16 Awesome Styles !”