PictureFX Vintage Kodachrome 1936 Frank Glencairn

Frank Glencairn’s article and the Luts were a success, many readers have visited his page and downloaded the Luts.
It is not every day that an award winning filmmaker gives away free coloring Luts.
And judging by the photo of Frank, he seems to be a very nice guy to.
As I wrote, the Lut in Cube format was actually made for Video, the profile or preset from which the Cube was created was made for the Sony Nex FS100.
However, in Darktable and many other programs, the Lut worked on pictures also well.
Unfortunately, the users of the PNG format – Rawtherapee, Artherapee and others – were left out in the cold.

You could convert the Lut yourself by loading the RT HaldClut Identity tif in Darktable, then applying the Kodachrome Lut to it, and saving it to PNG.
But that means that you must also have Darktable on your computer +
a conversion from Lut to PNG is never that great.

So I decided to make my own Kodachrome HaldClut completely from scratch, based on the colors of the original Frank Glencairn 1936 Kodachrome 828 Lut. The original FG Lut was applied to a picture in Darktable, and side by side with the same picture in Rawtherapee, the new preset was created and later saved as PNG. And since the idea behind it belongs to Frank and to give him credit for his work, I’ve put his name in the new Lut.

Towards creating a preset by adjusting and comparing colors side by side

Download here the new “PictureFX Vintage Kodachrome 1936 Frank Glencairn” for RawTherapee – Artherapee and other that use PNG Haldcluts, I hope you like it :

PictureFX Vintage Kodachrome 1936 Frank Glencairn

For those new to Rawtherapee, or as a refresher, here’s a brief text and pictures on “how to use film simulation” in RT.

  1. open Rawtherapee and navigate to “preferences” -> open
  2. in the next window go to tab “image processing”
  3. in “directories” click on “haldclut directory”
  4. a new menu opens -> navigate to your haldclut folder – or any folder that contains haldcluts
    1. restart Rawtherapee
  5. open a picture and set neutral
  6. go to “colour” tab
  7. scroll down to “film simulation” and open the preferred haldclut
  8. activate “film simulation”
  9. go to “exposure tab” and adjust the exposure to taste if necessary

Tip :
As for the Haldclut folder,
unlike Darktable, Rawtherapee allows you to use sub folders to an indefinite depth,
however, I recommend to go to 2, maximum 3 sub folders deep,
otherwise it is possible that the name description of your haldclut no longer fits in the window of the film simulation.
In other words : one main folder that contains all your haldcluts in separate subfolders, or a main folder containing second level folders (like subfolder for Black & White and color) followed by third level subfolders (like B&W from Pat David, B&W PictureFX etc)

If you have a Fujifilm camera and want to learn more about setting up and using film simulations,
advice on Fuji cameras and lenses,
or would you like to be part of a new Fujifilm Community,
please visit the website of my good friend Mark G Adams :

In Partnership With Mark G. Adams

PictureFX Site Update

Some may have noticed that the pages “PictureFX Original” – “PictureFX v3.0” and “PictureFX 3DLut Cube” have been removed.
In its place has come one page “PictureFX” which will contain all information and downloads on one page.
Temporarily the page “PictureFX Professional 4.0 – “The Analog Film Look” is still online, but it will also be fully migrated to the “PictureFX” page.

All with the intention of making everything clearer and more accessible, hope you like the new page.

For this occasion I have also put together a special set of 37 Haldcluts (PNG) and 37 Luts (Cube) which can also be downloaded on that page.

New Recipe Update from Mark G Adams

Coincidentally, our good friend Mark G Adams also publishes new recipes.
So not one but two updates today!

Eterna Sun : “A retro style, warm color recipe based on the Eterna film simulation” as Mark says.
Well, “warm and retro” is spot on I think,
I’m someone who’s always going to compare, and that’s what I’ve done now,
the “genuine Fujifilm Eterna” and the “MGA Eterna Sun” version,
and to be honest I like the MGA version much better.
It has those unmistakable “real film” colors of the analog era.
Fujifilm better program these in its cameras.
Then the Leica M10 Mono.
Another great recipe : “A reworking of the very popular Leica M10 Monochrom film simulation recipe” as Mark says.
All for Fujifilm X-Trans IV version.

Check them out !

In Partnership With Mark G. Adams

New LUT Update – Frank Glencairn

Frank Glencairn
Award winning German cinematographer, Filmmaker, and hardcore BBQ lover – not necessarily in that order”
from About @ Frank Glencairn

Luts, in whatever form (PNG-Cube…) are scarce on the internet, that is, unless you are willing to pay for them.
Pat David, Stuart Sowerby, Cédric Eberhardt and Myself with PictureFX were the only ones I’ve found in a long time. (I mean : that are completely free, and also have no underlying reason like promoting other paid sets or software)
That is until today.
Today I can present to you : Frank Glencairn an award winning cinematographer-director-colorist.
Luts with the purpose of video. But as far as I’m concerned also perfectly usable for still.
Format : Cube
Usable in : I tested them myself in Darktable, so should be compatible with most software that use .cube format.
Just download and test!

Frank Glencairn

A total of 4 Luts here :
Kodachrome K-Tone Lut
And one here :
Free “Instant Cinema – just add water” LUT

These LUTs are made for video (like the last one for the Ursa Mini 4.6K) but I’ve tested them in Darktable, and it works perfectly.
Anyway, you can now also shoot your own “Indiana Jones” movie 🙂

The Original Kodachrome K Tone Lut
K-Tone “Robert “Freezer” Niessner” version
K-Tone Intense Raised Blacks – “Robert “Freezer” Niessner” version
K-Tone Intense – “Robert “Freezer” Niessner” version
“Instant Cinema – Just add Water”

About using 3DLuts in Darktable :

To use 3DLut or Cube in Darktable, it must be able to find the Lut.

Via the module “Lut 3D” and clicking on the icon (select a png – 3dlut) it seems that you can navigate to the correct folder and select the desired Lut, but

You must first indicate the target folder in Darktable via “preferences”.
Attention ! that target folder must not contain a sub folder in which your Lut is located.
In other words : only “Root” folders -> folder containing the Luts.
Set up is as follows:

  1. open picture in light table
  2. in editor click gear icon – right of picture -> “show global preferences”
  3. go to tab “core options”
  4. scroll down to “3D Lut root folder”
  5. select root folder and close tab
  6. restart Darktable -> Luts are now available

Tip : If you have tons of Luts, and they’re all in one Root folder, you’ll get a list from Alaska to Zanzibar.
So it might be smart to place your Luts in separate subfolders – according to type/category/purpose …
This way you can keep the drop down list in the Lut 3D module limited.
The disadvantage is that if you want other Luts you always have to change the Root folder.
Something to think about.

Not a Lut lover ?
Do Like Recipes ?
Mark G Adams !

In Partnership With Mark G. Adams

How To Convert Lut’s ?

In my previous post “How To Preview all your Luts ?” we talked about a program that could produce a preview of your Luts.
Bulk Lut’s Previewer is a real asset for those who have a lot of Luts on their computer, but there was one problem, you couldn’t preview Haldclut’s or PNG files.
Today we have a solution for that + Free Luts Bonus !


From the Creator :
“Lut Generator
Free utility for MacOS and Windows
Generate a Lut from any photo and video editing application
Lightroom, Camera RAW and more”

Compatibility :
MacOS ≥ 10.10, MacBook M1 and Windows ≥ 7 ” and of course Linux via Wine
Is It Free ? :
“This utility app is based on pay-what-you-want pricing model.
It means that you can download this app for free
or support creator and pay the price you think is fair.
No adware, no spyware, no annoying ad,
just a link to promote my pack of LUTs on the interface “

“Italics above”, writings from the creators page.
For more information, visit his page at:
Also on the same page are some great video tutorials on converting Lightroom presets to 3DLut, using Lut in Adobe Camera RAW, and much more.

  1. Navigate to IWLTBAP Lut Generator : https://generator.iwltbap.com/
  2. Click download Lut generator
  3. Again click download Lut generator
  4. Fill in an amount from 0 to … and click Buy
  5. Fill in email and country – continue
  6. Confirmation of sending email
  7. Check email and click “view your order”
  8. Click download on the IWLTBAP website (or via dropbox)
  9. Download IWLTBAP LUT Generator zip file to prefered location on your computer
  10. Extract zip file in to sub folder
  11. Open sub folder and open LUT Generator (Windows) – or LUT Generator Mac
  12. Double click IWLTBAP LUT Generator.exe (Windows)

13. Hooray ! you have started the program ! and it only took 12 steps 🙂
Yes, it took a while, but now we are ready to convert PNG files to Cube !

Two things you should know:

Picture nr. 14 (below) : The IWLTBAP LUT Generator can generate a HaldClut to which you should in principle apply your film simulation -> “Generate a HALD” button.
However, I’ve done several tests with HaldClut’s (PNG) created in RawTherapee – with the Hald_CLUT_Identity_12.tif that comes with RawTherapee – and they can also be converted directly, so you don’t have to recreate them all first. In fact, the HaldCluts made with the RawTherapee identity tif are better.
My wife says I always explain things more complicated than they really are 🙂
So in short:
You can convert all your PNG HaldClut’s made in RT or whatever directly,
you don’t need the IWLTBAP Hald. If you still want to use IWLTBAP Hald, click “Generate a HALD”, in the next screen choose a folder to save the Hald in, a “Neutral-512.PNG” will be created. Use this PNG to apply your film simulation to.

Picture nr. 20 : Via the “Preferences” button, indicated by a “?” top right (obvious, isn’t it ?), you can set the size of the 3D Lut’s to 25x25x25 or 64x64x64.
The maker states that the 25x25x25 will usually suffice, however, I think if you’re going to use the converted files for photography and not video, you’d better get the 64x64x64 version. Larger files contain more data.

Finally, let’s do some converting !

  • 15 Click “Convert to CUBE”
  • 16 Select a PNG
  • 17 When converted to Cube, it will save in the same location as the PNG was, a confirmation windows pops up
  • 18 Converting multiple PNG’s to Cube is possible, multi select or Ctrl + click
  • 19 When converting multiple, wait for the confirmation window to appear. All cubes are saved in the same folder as the PNGs were.

Download – Running IWLTBAP – Converting PNG – Multi Convert – Options – Free stuff -> All in Pictures :

On my screen you see above the IWLTBAP Generator an extra box labeled “Wine Konsole”,
that is the Windows emulator I need to run Windows programs in Linux, so on your computer you will only see the Generator screen.

Besides the folder with the Windows Lut generator, there are two other folders for Mac, some links and a manual, something about color grading and problem solving.
But the creator has also been kind enough to include a folder with “Free Luts”.
The “Free Luts by IWLTBAP” set are actually only four Luts (Standard Cube), there are about 12-16 in the zip file, but these are versions for special cameras or other software.
The four are listed: Arapaho, Aspen, Humble, and Sedona.
See preview pictures and files nr21 & 22, and comparisons below.


Just To Be Clear !
I am in no way compensated by the creator of this program – receive no money – no software – no free stuff to promote.
The IWLTBAP converter is just a good tool that can be useful for many photographers.
You can download it for free, and afterwards decide what it’s worth to you, and make a possible contribution via a new download.
I myself have used this tool only for this review because it is easy to use. I use a different tool for my conversions, but you have to use it via the command line, more about this later in another write-up.

You can support my website by just giving a like, or writing a comment.
It is much appreciated.


If Luts aren’t your thing, maybe recipes are.
In that case :
Make shure to visit the site of my friend Mark G Adams :

In Partnership With Mark G. Adams

New Recipe Update – Thomas Schwab

Thomas Schwab – alias: effzwo.thommy

Created or participated in many recipes.
As far as I discovered, only has an Instagram page:
His recipes or those in which he participated can be found on the Ritchie Roesch website fujixweekly.com
Go to the search box and type in “Thomas” or “Schwab” to find his recipes.

If you are looking for (other) Fuji camera recipes, how to set them up, or how to make them yourself, there is one website you should definitely visit: Mark G. Adams

In Partnership With Mark G. Adams

How To Preview all your Luts ?

Do you like Film Simulations ?
Do you use Lut’s for this ?
Then you should definitely read on !

If, like me, you have a lot of Lut’s on your computer, it can be difficult to find out which Lut fits best with a picture,
especially if you have to load them one by one in your favorite image editing program.
Or if you just want an overview of all your Luts and what their effect is.
For this purpose there is “Bulk Lut’s Previewer“.

You can zoom in or out the results with a slider
click on one of the previews to see a larger example, right-click on the example to know with which Lut the example was made

The software works on Windows (probably all versions), but also runs on Linux (here on Kubuntu 20.04.02LTS) with Wine . No, I don’t mean you have to open a bottle of wine to drown your grief, “Wine” is a program made to run Windows software on Linux, but also for Mac : 5 ways to run windows software on Mac.

The downside of the “Bulk Lut’s Previewer” is that you can only use the following Lut formats: cube, 3dl, dat, m3d.
So, users of Rawtherapee / Artherapee or other software using Haldclut’s, or in other words “PNG”, are left out in the cold. But, there is also good news, you can also solve this by just converting all your PNG’s to Cube.
How you do that is for another article.

From the creator of this program, Glenn Hallin from Sweden: “Quickly generate a gallery to preview your (Look Up Tables) luts on selected still frame, or video”


Creators manual :

1) Import a still image. (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp)
*) (Or select video. (mpg, mpeg, mp4, mov, mts, avi, webm, mkv))
2) Choose path to your lutsfolder. (cube, 3dl, dat, m3d)
3) Generate. (If video selected, use scroll wheel to preview luts)

All preview images that is generated is stored in ‘.\OUT’ folder, and then deleted upon restart of the application.

New Film Simulation: PictureFX Cinematic – National Geographic

National Geographic, a new PictureFX Film Simulation in the Cinematic series.
The previous Cinematic Simulation called “Crime Scene” was published in November 2020, so it’s high time for a new one !
This one (and another one) actually stayed in the drawer for a long time, on one hand because I was also working on other simulations, on the other hand because I didn’t know what name I was going to give it and to which category of simulation it belonged.
Anyway, the presets for these Luts were inspired by several ideas:
Trey Ratcliff and his amazing pictures taken at Burning Man, Black Rock, Nevada, USMad Max Fury road with Theron and Hardy, an apocalyptic filmNational Geographic nature films and Bear Grylls and other survival series …, a mix of Event/SF/Nature/Action, so I ended up placing it in the Cinematic Adventure category.
I wanted earthy colors: Sahara sands – Rainforest greens, golden Sunsets, but also dramatic tones and a festival atmosphere. So one Lut wouldn’t work – and actually, not everything could be done in a Lut due to its limitations.

Left Camera original – Right PictureFX National Geographic 100%

In the end I chose to create more than one simulation. Today I present here the “PictureFX Cinematic National Geographic” Film Simulation Lut and next time the “Burning Man” Simulation, I am still in doubt for a third.

The PictureFX Cinematic National Geographic Film Simulation : a preset and three Luts extracted from parts of that preset. The Luts can be used on their own or enhanced by one or two settings from the preset, and of course to taste and strength.

About the Preset : At the very bottom of this article you will find the Preset written in text (script) on which the Luts – which can be downloaded in this article – are based. This script is made in RawTherapee and can therefore only be used there (or in its counterpart Artherapee). However, most Software packages have a similar interface and/or the same modules.
If you want to apply the settings in other software, use the examples and settings below to obtain a similar setting.

The preset contains 3 tool modules:
Exposure, Tone Mapping & Color Toning
The basic Lut only contains the Color Toning, the other Lut is more complete but without the Tone Mapping, which you can add afterwards via the preset or manually to taste.

Preset Settings :

Exposure :

Black : 500 – Contrast : 25

Tone Curve :

0 0
0.05 0.00753173
0.12 0.0518851
0.17551 0.126531
0.218 0.216944
0.297959 0.367347
0.396016 0.514345
0.481633 0.628571
0.588096 0.737598
0.706122 0.832653
0.824355 0.909633
1 1

Tone Mapping :


Color Toning :

Teal (green+1 and blue+0.5), Purple+1, Orange+1 and Yellow+2

The presets Exposure “Black” setting is set to “500”, but I have done tests with settings up to “5000” which are also quite good, so experiment depending on the picture. Contrast set to +25.
The setting of the “Tone Mapping” is also purely a choice of taste, in the Luts it is of course not present – that is not possible either – but you can add it manually based on the settings in the preset, or apply the preset partially, or just the preset without Lut – anything is possible.


The Luts can be downloaded in three different formats: PNG as for RawTherapee, Artherapee but also many others – CUBE such as for Darktable, Luminar, Adobe CS6 and up, … – and CUBE for standard image profile (Rec.709 and sRGB) 64x64x64 which can be used in various photo and video image software.
If it does not work in your software, or if you do not know how, it is best to consult the manual of your software or video camera.

PNG HaldClut for Rawtherapee – Artherapee etc.
Cube for Adobe CS6 and up – Darktable – Luminar – etc.
Cube for standard image profile (Rec.709 and sRGB) 64x64x64

Using the script : copy the full script to a text editor like notepad, save as .pp3 for Rawtherapee or .arp for Artherapee – use the “load profile from file button” and select the new script.






Disclaimer: The trademarked names which may appear in the filenames of the HaldCLUT, CUBE or Preset are there for informational purposes only. They serve only to inform the user which film stock the given LUT image is designed to approximate. As there is no way to convey this information other than by using the trademarked name, we believe this constitutes fair use. Neither the publisher nor the authors are affiliated with or endorsed by the companies that own the trademarks.

And as always, for good photography articles, Fujifilm related stuff or those who prefer camera recipes, be sure to visit the website of my good friend Mark G. Adams :

In Partnership With Mark G. Adams

125 Free Luts

Yes, 125 free Luts – all in Cube format, this time from commercial manufacturers : ON1 and Rocketstock.
But they are free, only an email is required but no registration for ON1, direct download for Rocketstock.
Just to be clear, I don’t get money to promote someone or a company, normally I don’t like to use commercial links on my page, but if they give it away for free, then that is good enough for me.


Free Luts

Nine folders, each folder contains 10 Luts, so you have 90 Luts in total!
The Luts are for MacOS, Lightroom, ON1 and Other Programs – the latter can be used in Darktable, for example.


35 Free LUTs

Tested in Darktable

I would not be quick to give a review if it was about Luts from a fellow photographer, but in this case it is different.

Besides these two, there are many more to be found on the internet, and I might find another one that is also acceptable, but beware of “free”.
When they write on a site that I have to register before I can download, I am on alert !
With those of Rocketstock you don’t have to do anything, and those of ON1 do ask for an email, but you can easily unsubscribe via the opt-in/opt-out which is required by law. Many others are less generous, and will not leave you alone afterwards once they have your email information. With the one’s from ON1 and Rocketstock I know you are safe.

ON1 Free Luts:
You get 90 Luts for free, and that’s not bad of course,
but not all of them are equally great.
Many of them weren’t Wow ! and maybe some even unusable.
But there are a lot good ones, you can learn from them, and most of all : free !

A few examples, Cinematic and Lutify Me:

Lutify Me

35 Luts all great

All examples :

35 Luts

Yet again a very nice addition to Cube Film Simulations, and for various software applications.
If this is your first time visiting this site, be sure to check the menu above under “film simulation”, you can find many others and also HaldClut (like for Rawtherapee and Artherapee) Presets and Recipes.
This site is also the home of PictureFX simulations that I created myself.
And you will find a link to the page of our good friend Mark G Adams, who is a specialist in all things Fujifilm Recipes, and he also has a great collection of recipes.
Check them Out!

In Partnership With Mark G. Adams

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