New Recipe Update – Justin Gould

I’m always looking for new interesting recipes, but not all of them make it into “The Largest Collection of Recipes brought together”.Many are copies with minimal differences, and even if they are improvements, no one wants a list of 5000 recipes in the end.If you find a recipe that you more or less like, youContinue reading “New Recipe Update – Justin Gould”

OSP Magazine March

A slightly earlier issue of the new OSP Magazine for March.For those who hadn’t noticed, the magazine layout – more specifically the yellow border around the magazine – was adapted at the last minute out of solidarity to the colors of the Ukrainian flag, Blue-Yellow. My Fuji and … the Tamron 18-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di IIIContinue reading “OSP Magazine March”

New Recipe Update – Fujifilm Quick Reference Recipes – Mark G. Adams

No, not a new recipe, but a link to an overview of all MGA Recipes.In my search for new recipes and reading the accompanying text of new recipes, I noticed that many recipe makers use or base their own recipes on existing recipes of others, and then I notice that some names keep coming back.OneContinue reading “New Recipe Update – Fujifilm Quick Reference Recipes – Mark G. Adams”

New Recipes Update – My Best Fujifilm & Bad Weather Recipes – by Andrei Dima

Andrei Dima, a professional photographer from Romania.Not an accidental discovery, I had already noticed Andrei before during a search for beautiful landscapes from Italy.To create Luts that have to contain a certain atmosphere, I sometimes use the color palette of existing photos,in this case I was looking for typical Italian villages on the coast,with housesContinue reading “New Recipes Update – My Best Fujifilm & Bad Weather Recipes – by Andrei Dima”

New Recipe Update : The Big Negative – “I can’t BELIEVE this is not Film!” Fujifilm Recipe and a B&W Recipe

A very promising title : “I can’t BELIEVE this is not Film!”,but can he make it happen ? I noticed he was a “real film” shooter, so he already has the experience and knowledge, so lets find out ! “it is one of the most accurately filmic recipes out there” R.W. – YT Well, judgingContinue reading “New Recipe Update : The Big Negative – “I can’t BELIEVE this is not Film!” Fujifilm Recipe and a B&W Recipe”

OSP Magazine January 2022

The first OSP Magazine for a new year – I wish everyone a great new photography year in 2022 ! Fujifilm vs Olympus I have a new camera in the stable, an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, and it’s better than my Fujifilm X-T1.Should I sell my Fujifilm Gear and switch to Olympus ?Read allContinue reading “OSP Magazine January 2022”

Norge Recipe Update – Øyvind Nordhagen – OWH Recipe Pack

Three new “recipes for every day” from Øyvind Nordhagen. Øyvind Nordhagen – OWH Recipe Pack A Norwegian Recipe Update from Øyvind Nordhagen Instagram account Øyvind Nordhagen. Photographer based in Oslo. I write about photographic technique and editing. The Daylight Recipe : Film simulation: AstiaHighlight tone: -1Shadow tone: 0Dynamic range: 200White balance: Auto (White Priority ifContinue reading “Norge Recipe Update – Øyvind Nordhagen – OWH Recipe Pack”

Recipe Update – Three Fuji Simulations for Olympus Camera – by Rob Trek

Fujifilm Simulations on a Olympus ? Yes, it can. Originally these settings where meant for the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II, but you can use this on most Olympus cameras, so dial in and start shooting (tested myself on the OM-D E-M5 Mark II, works great)Remember, as Rob Trek said it – these are startingContinue reading “Recipe Update – Three Fuji Simulations for Olympus Camera – by Rob Trek”

Recipe Update – Reggie Ballesteros

A recipe from Fujixweekly (Kodak Portra) fine tuned by Reggie Ballesteros, a wedding photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Reggie Ballesteros Website : Recipe : Must-Try Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipe | X100V, XS10, XT4 Written out recipe here : Film Simulation : Classic ChromeGrain Effect : Weak SmallColor Chrome Effect : StrongColorContinue reading “Recipe Update – Reggie Ballesteros”

Recipes Update – Kebs Cayabyab

Photographer based in Makati, Philippines Designer and Product Manager Creative Entrepreneur Filmmaker (“Youtuber“) Artist at heart Kebs Cayabyab – Eight Fujifilm Recipes The first five recipes on youtube : My JPEG Settings – 5 Custom Fujifilm Film Simulations For Your No Edit Photos (JPEG Recipes) The latest three recipes : My JPEG Settings – 3Continue reading “Recipes Update – Kebs Cayabyab”

Christmas Recipe Update – CAPTN LOOK – Creamy Color

For this “Christmas Special” I searched and found one recipe that fits very well with the atmosphere and colors of this period.The name is “Creamy Color” !Be sure to check out the Youtube video below that Captn Look made,it actually doesn’t really start until 1:10, but it’s really worth seeing all the way through.Captn LookContinue reading “Christmas Recipe Update – CAPTN LOOK – Creamy Color”

OSP Magazine December

The December edition of OSP Magazine consists of 8 pages this time (this included) and many links to external pages, hopefully there’s something for you! In the last two months and so after switching to magazines I have learned two things: OSP Photography apparently shows up very well in search results for Recipes, Luts andContinue reading “OSP Magazine December”

Two New Recipe Updates – Andrew and Dani Livelsberger – Best Light Photographic

Andrew and Dani Livelsberger – Best Light Photographic Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipe #1 – Kodak Panatomic Andrew and Dani Livelsberger – Best Light Photographic Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipe #2 – Ilford Delta 3200 Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipe #1 – Kodak Panatomic – please visit Andrew and Dani’s website for more information about the recipe ! FilmContinue reading “Two New Recipe Updates – Andrew and Dani Livelsberger – Best Light Photographic”

Special Recipe Update : a Recipe for Video by Palle Schultz

Palle Schultz – Copenhagen based, Fujifilm X Photographer – Filmmaker – Musician 4K – 17:9 – 24P – 200Mbps Dynamic Range 100 Eterna White Balance – manual 5600 K (daylight basic setting) up for warmer, down for cooler Highlight Tone = 0 Shadow Tone = +1 or +2 Color = +1 or +2 Sharpness =Continue reading “Special Recipe Update : a Recipe for Video by Palle Schultz”

Update – Recipe(s) in the Spotlight – Luís Costa – Life Unintended

Luís Costa of Life Unintended is already in “The Largest Collection of Recipes brought together” , but from the moment I first added it then to now, a lot has changed.Good wine gets better when it is kept for a long time.Good Fujifilm recipes also have to mature in the minds of good photographers, at leastContinue reading “Update – Recipe(s) in the Spotlight – Luís Costa – Life Unintended”

New Recipe Update – Alik Griffin – Eterna Film Simulator Recipe

Alik Griffin A professional freelance trailer editor Memory card tests, Lens reviews, Camera accessories and more Eterna Recipe – click here Website – click here Video tutorials – click here Film Simulator: Eterna WB: AUTO | R +5 B: -6 Exposure Comp: + 2/3 Tone Curve: H-1, S+3 Color: +4 Sharpness: +2 Clarity: 0 Noise Reduction: -4 DR: 100 DR Priority: Off Grain Effect: Small WeakContinue reading “New Recipe Update – Alik Griffin – Eterna Film Simulator Recipe”

Update Spotlight Recipe – MGA Realistic Pro

Spotlight Recipe Update for “The Largest Collection of Recipes brought together” – November One of the best recipes I have ever seen : MGA Realistic Pro And of course there are many more recipes on Mark’s site, click here to visit them. There are a lot of photo examples of the MGA Realistic Pro recipe onContinue reading “Update Spotlight Recipe – MGA Realistic Pro”

OSP Magazine October

Content Changes Film Simulation Updates More Film Simulations : PictureFX and FreshLuts ExifShot – Exif information on your pictures Darktable Tutorial : Copying the Look and Feel from a Picture and Create a LUT or 3DLut – Part II My Camera Gear – Perfectioning and Upgrading Event : Bushcraft Weekend from 1 to 3 OctoberContinue reading “OSP Magazine October”

New Recipe Update – Øyvind Nordhagen

This Oslo based photographer got in touch after finding “The Largest Collection…” here on OSP.He has currently published two recipes, but what I immediately noticed is the very well researched and documented description in his recipes, that, and the pictures for illustration proof that a lot of work has gone into this recipes.I also likeContinue reading “New Recipe Update – Øyvind Nordhagen”

Ivan Yolo – Ivan Cheam

Three Recipes especially for the Fujifilm X-T4 Camera Ivan Yolo – Ivan Cheam Cine Matte Retro Allure Urban Chic – Street Fashion @ the recipe it says “content locked” : if you share, like, subscribe or tweet in the article, the recipe will be visible, you can also wait 240 seconds and it will alsoContinue reading “Ivan Yolo – Ivan Cheam”

New Recipe erm.. well, it is the Fujifilm Simulation Recipe Generator

Well, yes, I’m not sure this is a real “Recipe” update for the “Largest List” 🙂However, it might still generate some useful and surprising new recipes,but still I think the recipe/quality level will not be on the high side.Obtained from the Dutch Fuji X forum – thanks Guy’s ! (and Girls) Fujifilm Simulation Recipe GeneratorContinue reading “New Recipe erm.. well, it is the Fujifilm Simulation Recipe Generator”

New Recipe Update – E. Fung Photoblog

A late blog update, the article I had in the pipeline for last friday turned out to have a problem, the website – found via the WordPress Reader – suddenly turned out to be “Unsafe”, what exactly happened to it I don’t know, but today we are here with a new Recipe update. However, firstContinue reading “New Recipe Update – E. Fung Photoblog”

New Recipe Update – Lea Hartman – Lea & Lens

A new update for the “The Largest Collection of Recipes brought together“.From a Professional Photographer – Educator.This time for the X-Trans II sensor – three great recipes :Analog Astia – Bold B&W – Crispy Chrome – good names to ! Lea Hartman – Lea & Lens A few Recipes for X-Trans II – a mentionContinue reading “New Recipe Update – Lea Hartman – Lea & Lens”

Luts and Presets Update and Tons of Free Photographers Stuff Like It’s Christmas !

As always scouring the internet for free Presets, Luts or other stuff. This time I came across a website that had Free Presets not only for Lightroom, but also for Photomatix, Aurora HDR, Camera Raw, Luminar, Affinity Photo and ON1. But that wasn’t all : Photoshop Actions, Overlay’s, PNG Overlay’s, Brushes, Textures and Templates. Yes,Continue reading “Luts and Presets Update and Tons of Free Photographers Stuff Like It’s Christmas !”

Double Fun : New Lut and Recipe Update ! – Ian Worth

Yesterday I accidentally published a new Lut Update too soon, the intention was to put out two posts at once, the great Fujifilm Eterna Lut from the Fujifilm company itself, but also this DOUBLE film simulation, namely :A second Eterna Lut, but version Ian Worth,and also an Eterna Recipe for your Fujifilm camera like theContinue reading “Double Fun : New Lut and Recipe Update ! – Ian Worth”

New Recipe Update from Mark G Adams

Coincidentally, our good friend Mark G Adams also publishes new recipes.So not one but two updates today! Eterna Sun : “A retro style, warm color recipe based on the Eterna film simulation” as Mark says.Well, “warm and retro” is spot on I think,I’m someone who’s always going to compare, and that’s what I’ve done now,theContinue reading “New Recipe Update from Mark G Adams”

New Recipe Update – Thomas Schwab

Thomas Schwab – alias: effzwo.thommy Created or participated in many recipes.As far as I discovered, only has an Instagram page: recipes or those in which he participated can be found on the Ritchie Roesch website fujixweekly.comGo to the search box and type in “Thomas” or “Schwab” to find his recipes. If you are looking forContinue reading “New Recipe Update – Thomas Schwab”

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