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3DLuts .Cube format in RawTherapee ?

Nowadays you can find loads of free Luts – 3DLuts .Cube format as used in Adobe, Luminar, Darktable ON1 etc…How great would it be if you could just use it in Rawtherapee Film Simulation !But, no, unfortunately not.Rawtherapee can only work with PNG HaldCluts.But wait !There is a simple solution!The Vertopal Free Online ConverterHere youContinue reading “3DLuts .Cube format in RawTherapee ?”

Two New Luts Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Ethereal Purple and Pink

The Luts and the Style : The last two Luts from the PictureFX J.S Style series, Purple and Pink Ethereal.I was searching for photos of Bluebells when I first discovered Jo’s Ethereal photos, they were the first thing I really liked about her remarkable style. These photos eventually led me to Flickr and then toContinue reading “Two New Luts Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Ethereal Purple and Pink”

New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers

My new Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers – is a Film Simulation/Style that gives a color palette and tonal partition specially intended for nature shots, wild flowers, etc J.S. style stands for the style of Jo Stephen, a North Dorset based photographer. I could write a lot about her but better if youContinue reading “New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers”