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E-M1 Mark II Bird and Wildlife Settings – Part I

Introducing Blueprint, a new project of mine to find the very best of Olympus as much as possible.And by that I mean secret menus, alternative parts, affordable flash systems, best settings, etc…A bit similar to my “largest lists film simulations” but in this case specifically for Olympus cameras and the micro 4/3 format.Find it aboveContinue reading “E-M1 Mark II Bird and Wildlife Settings – Part I”

A New Laptop with Linux

Since I switched to Olympus, I have also started filming more.I even bought a Zhiyun Weebill S Gimbal to make the filming experience even more pleasant, but I’m not there yet.My best camera stays at home on the short bike rides, and with it the gimbal that I bought exactly for that camera.So my shortContinue reading “A New Laptop with Linux”

Gimp Tutorial – Using Textures

A tutorial on using textures in Gimp.What do we need :Well, a Texture to start with, and preferably more than one.There will be another tutorial soon about textures and how to make them.What you should know is that the photo you are going to use as a texture, unless it has a completely even structureContinue reading “Gimp Tutorial – Using Textures”

What’s in my Camera Bag Today ?

I started this writing, not quite knowing where I wanted to go with my photography in the future,because ten cameras with an equally large collection of lenses from two brands is not very handy to use.So, what to do with my Fujifilm gear and/or Olympus gear?I turned this writing into a chronological one over aContinue reading “What’s in my Camera Bag Today ?”