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Two New Luts Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Ethereal Purple and Pink

The Luts and the Style : The last two Luts from the PictureFX J.S Style series, Purple and Pink Ethereal.I was searching for photos of Bluebells when I first discovered Jo’s Ethereal photos, they were the first thing I really liked about her remarkable style. These photos eventually led me to Flickr and then toContinue reading “Two New Luts Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Ethereal Purple and Pink”

Darktable Light – Part II

I expected that Darktable Light Part 1 would attract people, but it was five times more than I expected.Well, that’s proof that there are many who would rather see Darktable differently ! In part 1 I showed you how to rid Darktable of its database annoyances.The tweak I’m showing you today could have worked theContinue reading “Darktable Light – Part II”

Darktable Light – Part I

No, this is not a joke, nor is it a new version.This article is primarily intended for those who like Darktable’s editing features, but want to edit photo’s without using a database, library, tagging, actually just with a photo browser. I never was a big fan of Darktable myself, I loved working with Rawtherapee orContinue reading “Darktable Light – Part I”