OSP Magazine December

The December edition of OSP Magazine consists of 8 pages this time (this included) and many links to external pages, hopefully there’s something for you! In the last two months and so after switching to magazines I have learned two things: OSP Photography apparently shows up very well in search results for Recipes, Luts andContinue reading “OSP Magazine December”

Shotcut Video Editor

About Editing, So you’re actually a photographer, just like me ?Then I can assume that you don’t have any film editing software lying around ?well, you’re lucky !Just like the great Open Source Software RawTherapee, Darktable and Digikam for photography,you have Shotcut for creating top quality movies.And it is available for Windows, Mac OS andContinue reading “Shotcut Video Editor”

How To Setup your Fujifilm X-T1, X-T20, X-H1… for Video

I am a photographer, not a filmmaker, let that be clear. So why the interest in film or video?Well, the interest had been there for a long time, but the possibilities were very limited with my earlier cameras.Now that I’ve made the switch from Pentax to Fuji, that possibility has resurfaced.But it’s not making full-lengthContinue reading “How To Setup your Fujifilm X-T1, X-T20, X-H1… for Video”

Special Recipe Update : a Recipe for Video by Palle Schultz

Palle Schultz – Copenhagen based, Fujifilm X Photographer – Filmmaker – Musician 4K – 17:9 – 24P – 200Mbps Dynamic Range 100 Eterna White Balance – manual 5600 K (daylight basic setting) up for warmer, down for cooler Highlight Tone = 0 Shadow Tone = +1 or +2 Color = +1 or +2 Sharpness =Continue reading “Special Recipe Update : a Recipe for Video by Palle Schultz”

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