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DIY Camera Hook Protectors and Carrying Straps

Does anyone remember them from the SLRs of the past ? Those leather things that protect your camera from scratches?Well, I still have some old 35mm SLRs lying around and a few of those thingys on them. Nowadays it’s those hard plastic things that you push or click over the triangular hooks, the original cameraContinue reading “DIY Camera Hook Protectors and Carrying Straps”

A Script to solve a Workflow Problem – Improved Version

A while ago I published an article about a script that I used to control the RAW files in my workflow -> A Script to solve a Workflow ProblemIn my workflow I splitted the JPGs and RAW files while transferring to my computerThen I sorted my JPGs, and only kept the RAWs of my best JPGs.TheContinue reading “A Script to solve a Workflow Problem – Improved Version”

KDE Plasma Desktop (Kubuntu) on Ubuntu

So, maybe you also bought a new laptop with Linux like me ?and if it turned out to be a Dell, it will run on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.That’s a good thing, because not only is Ubuntu one of the most stable operating systems, the version 20.04 LTS is supported until April 2030, so you’ll beContinue reading “KDE Plasma Desktop (Kubuntu) on Ubuntu”

3DLuts .Cube format in RawTherapee ?

Nowadays you can find loads of free Luts – 3DLuts .Cube format as used in Adobe, Luminar, Darktable ON1 etc…How great would it be if you could just use it in Rawtherapee Film Simulation !But, no, unfortunately not.Rawtherapee can only work with PNG HaldCluts.But wait !There is a simple solution!The Vertopal Free Online ConverterHere youContinue reading “3DLuts .Cube format in RawTherapee ?”

Darktable Light – Part II

I expected that Darktable Light Part 1 would attract people, but it was five times more than I expected.Well, that’s proof that there are many who would rather see Darktable differently ! In part 1 I showed you how to rid Darktable of its database annoyances.The tweak I’m showing you today could have worked theContinue reading “Darktable Light – Part II”

Darktable Light – Part I

No, this is not a joke, nor is it a new version.This article is primarily intended for those who like Darktable’s editing features, but want to edit photo’s without using a database, library, tagging, actually just with a photo browser. I never was a big fan of Darktable myself, I loved working with Rawtherapee orContinue reading “Darktable Light – Part I”

Picture Development on a Vintage Dell Studio 1749

I always have a number of articles in the starting phase, partially or completely finished, in my WordPress drafts drawer.This is one that’s been ready for a while, but I haven’t got around to publish it.The essence of this writing has to do with how we are too easily persuaded to buy new things, itContinue reading “Picture Development on a Vintage Dell Studio 1749”

DIY Diffuser for the Olympus FL‑LM3

I first wanted to write “DIY diffuser for the FL‑LM3 for macro”, however, a diffuser for this super small but mighty flash unit is useful for many purposes. Anyway, what you need: I used a rectangular soap bottle,but it can also be done with a round plastic bottle.You can also use plastic bottles with aContinue reading “DIY Diffuser for the Olympus FL‑LM3”

Gimp Tutorial – Using Textures

A tutorial on using textures in Gimp.What do we need :Well, a Texture to start with, and preferably more than one.There will be another tutorial soon about textures and how to make them.What you should know is that the photo you are going to use as a texture, unless it has a completely even structureContinue reading “Gimp Tutorial – Using Textures”

A Script to solve a Workflow Problem

I have a problem in my photo workflow for quite some time, and finally I created a solution in the form of a script I wrote.Maybe you have a similar problem, and you also work with Linux, then I may have a possible solution below. However, even if you are a Windows user, scripts areContinue reading “A Script to solve a Workflow Problem”

ET-78II Canon Lens Hood Replacement for Olympus LH-76

Sequel to “Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement“ Today my new lens hood to replace the Olympus LH-76 was delivered by standard mail,And I just wanted to let you know and show how it turned out for me.Well, I ended up ordering my LH-76 replacement from “fast Ali” 🙂It was the ET-78II lens hoodContinue reading “ET-78II Canon Lens Hood Replacement for Olympus LH-76”

Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement

Well, I was warned when I bought the Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens,the person I bought it from told me how vulnerable it was,But I’m always super careful,so I thought, that won’t happen to me ! This lens hood is (was) great,I really loved it !The idea is that the lens hood can remain onContinue reading “Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement”

Olympus Secret Menu Pages

On July 1, I published an article on how to update your Olympus camera firmware via an SD card – as it should be.But alas, Olympus has also other quirks,like resetting your camera. Fujifilm users – and I think any brand of camera for that matter – just go into the menu, click reset cameraContinue reading “Olympus Secret Menu Pages”

Updating your Olympus Camera Firmware without Olympus Workspace

As a Fujifilm camera user and also ex Pentax user, it made sense to me that installing new firmware updates was easy. You just downloaded the latest firmware for your camera from the brand’s update website, copied it to an sd card, card into camera – update and ready, well, it took a few moreContinue reading “Updating your Olympus Camera Firmware without Olympus Workspace”

Camera Neck Strap Extension Cord for the Mad Max Camera Wrist Strap

Yes, an extension that converts your wrist strap into a camera neck strap, but first I want to go back to the original article about the wrist strap.The blog about the camera wrist strap was not received with the enthusiasm I expected, but that can happen.Then, some time later, I read an article at reading “Camera Neck Strap Extension Cord for the Mad Max Camera Wrist Strap”

Download Ilford B&W Presets with Curves and How To work with RT Curves

Today I’m going to take a closer look at how to work with curves.Because I can imagine that many wonder how you actually make such a curve, and especially how you adjust it.Actually this is not difficult at all, Rawtherapee even has a tool to help you with that. First of all : the purposeContinue reading “Download Ilford B&W Presets with Curves and How To work with RT Curves”

PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Improving the Analog Film Look

This fourth and final part of the workshop is certainly not for everyone, because even though the title is “improving the analog film look”, this is actually not entirely true.In the first part of this series I already wrote about “the perfectionism” that some people are looking for, but that can go two ways.On oneContinue reading “PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Improving the Analog Film Look”

PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Create your own Film Simulation + download Presets and Curves

Over time I learned that the best and fastest way to make film simulations without getting frustrated is to start simple.A method that works very well is the comparative method – two instances of Rawtherapee open on top of each other.It is also very important to know some adjustment and setting methods in Rawtherapee, itContinue reading “PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Create your own Film Simulation + download Presets and Curves”

Cleaning Your Camera Sensor using the VSGO APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit

First to clarify: I do not receive any money, reimbursements or free products from VSGO or anyone else to promote this product. The reason why I use the VSGO kit is purely because for me the product is good and the price is also good, no more no less. In any case, I would adviseContinue reading “Cleaning Your Camera Sensor using the VSGO APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit”