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PictureFX Pro Fujifilm Superia 200

Although Fujifilm Superia is not one of the standard film simulations on a Fujifilm camera, Fuji still has a “similar to” (as they say themselves) in their options, namely the Classic Negative.For some strange reason, Fujifilm Superia was not considered a film for “Professional” use.But after reading countless reviews, visiting chat rooms and forums, photoContinue reading “PictureFX Pro Fujifilm Superia 200”

New 35mm Analog Film Simulations in the “Oven” – and follow up on “my latest purchases”

Actually, in the “oven” is speaking early probably, they are not “baked” yet 🙂 I also did not intend to make other Film Simulations outside of Fujifilm Simulations, however, circumstances can change and in this case it did. Being more busy with real film is the most important reason I think, it automatically created theContinue reading “New 35mm Analog Film Simulations in the “Oven” – and follow up on “my latest purchases””

Infected with … the 35mm Film Virus

Making Film Simulations.That was the reason (apart from the sporadic film shots which I sometimes take) to start to shoot more 35mm film.Without a “real” photo it is virtually impossible to match digital pictures to film, at least if you want to fine-tune as accurately as possible anyway.But my old Olympus OM10 had problems, theContinue reading “Infected with … the 35mm Film Virus”