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A New Laptop with Linux

Since I switched to Olympus, I have also started filming more.I even bought a Zhiyun Weebill S Gimbal to make the filming experience even more pleasant, but I’m not there yet.My best camera stays at home on the short bike rides, and with it the gimbal that I bought exactly for that camera.So my shortContinue reading “A New Laptop with Linux”

Four PictureFX J.S. Style HaldCluts – PNG format – for Rawtherapee

PictureFX J.S. Style – Wildflowers – Mystical & Ethereal Four different 3DLuts in PNG format,to use in Rawtherapee or any othercompatible medium. Click here to download from GDrive These are the PNG HaldClut versions of the previously released 3D Luts in .cube format from these articles : New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers NewContinue reading “Four PictureFX J.S. Style HaldCluts – PNG format – for Rawtherapee”

Two New Luts Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Ethereal Purple and Pink

The Luts and the Style : The last two Luts from the PictureFX J.S Style series, Purple and Pink Ethereal.I was searching for photos of Bluebells when I first discovered Jo’s Ethereal photos, they were the first thing I really liked about her remarkable style. These photos eventually led me to Flickr and then toContinue reading “Two New Luts Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Ethereal Purple and Pink”

New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Mystical Dusk + Gimp Instructions

PictureFX J.S. Style Mystical Dusk is the more dark and gloomy version of the style found on Jo Stephen’s website.But as written before, the result depends very much on the chosen photo and its color pattern.If you have visited Jo’s website you will most likely have also read about ICM – intentional camera movement.You canContinue reading “New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Mystical Dusk + Gimp Instructions”

New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers

My new Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers – is a Film Simulation/Style that gives a color palette and tonal partition specially intended for nature shots, wild flowers, etc J.S. style stands for the style of Jo Stephen, a North Dorset based photographer. I could write a lot about her but better if youContinue reading “New Lut Update – PictureFX J.S. Style Wildflowers”

Darktable Light – Part II

I expected that Darktable Light Part 1 would attract people, but it was five times more than I expected.Well, that’s proof that there are many who would rather see Darktable differently ! In part 1 I showed you how to rid Darktable of its database annoyances.The tweak I’m showing you today could have worked theContinue reading “Darktable Light – Part II”

Darktable Light – Part I

No, this is not a joke, nor is it a new version.This article is primarily intended for those who like Darktable’s editing features, but want to edit photo’s without using a database, library, tagging, actually just with a photo browser. I never was a big fan of Darktable myself, I loved working with Rawtherapee orContinue reading “Darktable Light – Part I”

The Olympus E-PL7 Rangefinder Style Camera

In short, what the previous article “Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question” was about:I wanted a rangefinder type camera,not too expensive,but I also didn’t want to run into the same problems as with previous purchases in this category of camera.The problem with the Fujifilm X100 was mainly the fixed lens and that the cameraContinue reading “The Olympus E-PL7 Rangefinder Style Camera”

Picture Development on a Vintage Dell Studio 1749

I always have a number of articles in the starting phase, partially or completely finished, in my WordPress drafts drawer.This is one that’s been ready for a while, but I haven’t got around to publish it.The essence of this writing has to do with how we are too easily persuaded to buy new things, itContinue reading “Picture Development on a Vintage Dell Studio 1749”