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Open Source Photography

What is Open Source Photography for me ?Well, it mainly stands to be Free… Free, in the freedom of choice,Free, from having to pay,Free, in the choice to sponsor,Free, in the choice of Camera, unfortunately this is not completely free 🙂Free, in the choice of Operating Systemand Free in the choice of Photo Editing SoftwareContinue reading “Open Source Photography”

ET-78II Canon Lens Hood Replacement for Olympus LH-76

Sequel to “Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement“ Today my new lens hood to replace the Olympus LH-76 was delivered by standard mail,And I just wanted to let you know and show how it turned out for me.Well, I ended up ordering my LH-76 replacement from “fast Ali” 🙂It was the ET-78II lens hoodContinue reading “ET-78II Canon Lens Hood Replacement for Olympus LH-76”

The MCO Plus 14mm f3.5 on Micro Four Thirds Review

As promised in the latest and last edition of the OSP magazine, here’s the review of the MCO Plus 14mm f3.5 on Micro Four Thirds Camera. The test photos that belong to this review are on my gallery. (The lens is also available for: E, FX, M4/3, EOSM, NEX) I really like using old lenses,Continue reading “The MCO Plus 14mm f3.5 on Micro Four Thirds Review”

Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement

Well, I was warned when I bought the Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens,the person I bought it from told me how vulnerable it was,But I’m always super careful,so I thought, that won’t happen to me ! This lens hood is (was) great,I really loved it !The idea is that the lens hood can remain onContinue reading “Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement”

New LUT Update – Rob Shea Infrared Photography

A new update for the “The Largest Collection of HaldClut/Luts brought together“. Interested in Infrared Photography?A digital dedicated camera is too expensive,and 35mm IR film is too much hassle ?Well, then here you have a very nice series of .Cube files with which you can still get started, and make beautiful Infra Red creations..Cube files canContinue reading “New LUT Update – Rob Shea Infrared Photography”

New DT Styles Update – Mark G. Adams – 16 Awesome Styles !

A long overdue update to “The Largest Collection of Presets/Profiles brought together“It has been since November 2021 !Now there is one, and what an awesome update it is!From the maker of the famous Fujifilm recipes by Mark G. Adams, now also an awesome series of Darktable styles.But, who can say more about this than himselfContinue reading “New DT Styles Update – Mark G. Adams – 16 Awesome Styles !”