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Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question

This story started a little more than a half year ago. Somewhere around June 2022, I had the urge to have a digital rangefinder camera again. So I gave myself a budget of up to €250 (which is not much for this type of camera) and waited for a good offer. I’ve always had aContinue reading “Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question”

New Fujifilm Recipes Update – K Kolour – One Camera One Lens Mark G. Adams

At the end of 2022, Mark G. Adams published one more new recipe: K KolourAs always, it looks great !I also have a link to all MGA recipes in one go !And, last but not least, a link to the seven best MGA recipes, carefully selected by Mark G Adams himself.It feels like it’s ChristmasContinue reading “New Fujifilm Recipes Update – K Kolour – One Camera One Lens Mark G. Adams”

New ! PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1 – Darktable Style

My first PictureFX Darktable style !The PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1I have imitated this DT version as best as possible with the Lut version, however, it is not as RED as the original, that’s because with styles you don’t have an opacity slider, so I had to hold back on power and intensity. You can stillContinue reading “New ! PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1 – Darktable Style”

Full Circle – My Olympus Gear

Making the right choices.I sometimes miss the optical viewfinder from my Pentax K-3,and the Pentax felt great in the hand, but was also a bit heavy.Fujifilm ? after seeing the successors of the X-H1, it was clear that Fujifilm was going another way, and not maintaining and improve a proven concept. By concept I referContinue reading “Full Circle – My Olympus Gear”

HD-130 Macro LED Ring Flash Review

Recently I bought myself an Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro lens.Macro was a part of photography that I’ve always loved to do, but after switching between the different camera systems : Pentax -> Fujifilm -> Olympus, I didn’t really had the right lens for it .So, this lens completes my equipment for nature photography and macro.CompleteContinue reading “HD-130 Macro LED Ring Flash Review”

New Lut & Cube Update – PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome

What is Kodak Aerochrome and what was it used for.The first versions of infrared film date back to the time of the First World War for spectroscopic analysis.In the 1930s it was made commercially available and quickly became very popular among photographers, and it was also used in the news for landscape and aerial photos,Continue reading “New Lut & Cube Update – PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome”

DIY Diffuser for the Olympus FL‑LM3

I first wanted to write “DIY diffuser for the FL‑LM3 for macro”, however, a diffuser for this super small but mighty flash unit is useful for many purposes. Anyway, what you need: I used a rectangular soap bottle,but it can also be done with a round plastic bottle.You can also use plastic bottles with aContinue reading “DIY Diffuser for the Olympus FL‑LM3”

New Fujifilm Recipe Update – Four Recipes from Tudor Mateescu

Passion for Photography, that’s the name of Tudor Mateescu’s website.An interesting website, and certainly not one you encounter every day, and that is also the style of Tudor Mateescu.And, on top of that, he has developed four very interesting recipes, definitely something to try out !Actually there are six recipes, because the Ilford recipe consistsContinue reading “New Fujifilm Recipe Update – Four Recipes from Tudor Mateescu”

Why now is a good time to Upgrade your old Olympus 16MP Camera

Well, it’s not just a good time to upgrade your old camera,maybe you can use a backup camera ?but also if you want to do a gear switch, like me from Fujifilm to Olympus. Olympus Online Shop has been making interesting deals on non-OM DS cameras for some time now.More specifically on the E-M1 X,Continue reading “Why now is a good time to Upgrade your old Olympus 16MP Camera”