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Picture Development on a Vintage Dell Studio 1749

I always have a number of articles in the starting phase, partially or completely finished, in my WordPress drafts drawer.This is one that’s been ready for a while, but I haven’t got around to publish it.The essence of this writing has to do with how we are too easily persuaded to buy new things, itContinue reading “Picture Development on a Vintage Dell Studio 1749”


Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question

This story started a little more than a half year ago. Somewhere around June 2022, I had the urge to have a digital rangefinder camera again. So I gave myself a budget of up to €250 (which is not much for this type of camera) and waited for a good offer. I’ve always had aContinue reading “Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question”

New Fujifilm Recipes Update – K Kolour – One Camera One Lens Mark G. Adams

At the end of 2022, Mark G. Adams published one more new recipe: K KolourAs always, it looks great !I also have a link to all MGA recipes in one go !And, last but not least, a link to the seven best MGA recipes, carefully selected by Mark G Adams himself.It feels like it’s ChristmasContinue reading “New Fujifilm Recipes Update – K Kolour – One Camera One Lens Mark G. Adams”

New ! PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1 – Darktable Style

My first PictureFX Darktable style !The PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1I have imitated this DT version as best as possible with the Lut version, however, it is not as RED as the original, that’s because with styles you don’t have an opacity slider, so I had to hold back on power and intensity. You can stillContinue reading “New ! PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome v1.1 – Darktable Style”

Full Circle – My Olympus Gear

Making the right choices.I sometimes miss the optical viewfinder from my Pentax K-3,and the Pentax felt great in the hand, but was also a bit heavy.Fujifilm ? after seeing the successors of the X-H1, it was clear that Fujifilm was going another way, and not maintaining and improve a proven concept. By concept I referContinue reading “Full Circle – My Olympus Gear”

HD-130 Macro LED Ring Flash Review

Recently I bought myself an Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro lens.Macro was a part of photography that I’ve always loved to do, but after switching between the different camera systems : Pentax -> Fujifilm -> Olympus, I didn’t really had the right lens for it .So, this lens completes my equipment for nature photography and macro.CompleteContinue reading “HD-130 Macro LED Ring Flash Review”

New Lut & Cube Update – PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome

What is Kodak Aerochrome and what was it used for.The first versions of infrared film date back to the time of the First World War for spectroscopic analysis.In the 1930s it was made commercially available and quickly became very popular among photographers, and it was also used in the news for landscape and aerial photos,Continue reading “New Lut & Cube Update – PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome”

DIY Diffuser for the Olympus FL‑LM3

I first wanted to write “DIY diffuser for the FL‑LM3 for macro”, however, a diffuser for this super small but mighty flash unit is useful for many purposes. Anyway, what you need: I used a rectangular soap bottle,but it can also be done with a round plastic bottle.You can also use plastic bottles with aContinue reading “DIY Diffuser for the Olympus FL‑LM3”

New Fujifilm Recipe Update – Four Recipes from Tudor Mateescu

Passion for Photography, that’s the name of Tudor Mateescu’s website.An interesting website, and certainly not one you encounter every day, and that is also the style of Tudor Mateescu.And, on top of that, he has developed four very interesting recipes, definitely something to try out !Actually there are six recipes, because the Ilford recipe consistsContinue reading “New Fujifilm Recipe Update – Four Recipes from Tudor Mateescu”

Why now is a good time to Upgrade your old Olympus 16MP Camera

Well, it’s not just a good time to upgrade your old camera,maybe you can use a backup camera ?but also if you want to do a gear switch, like me from Fujifilm to Olympus. Olympus Online Shop has been making interesting deals on non-OM DS cameras for some time now.More specifically on the E-M1 X,Continue reading “Why now is a good time to Upgrade your old Olympus 16MP Camera”

New Fujifilm Recipe Update – Kodak Portra 400

Another Kodak Portra 400 recipe, but a good one I think.Little information about the owner/creator, just a link to Instagram this time. fujifilm_recipes Film Simulation: Classic ChromeGrain Effect: Strong SmallColor Chrome Effect: StrongWhite Balance: R: 4 B: -4Tone Curve: H: -1 S: -1Color: +2Sharpness: -2High ISO NR: -4

A new large Profile/Preset Update – Camera Profiles and Lens Correction Profiles – from Adobe to use in RawTherapee

I browse a lot to find new Luts, Presets and Recipes.And on one of those sessions I found a video by Andy Astbury, Raw Therapee Basics: Color Management Input Profiles.It’s quite a long video, but I was able to pick up some interesting things in it.The video brought me to “How to Get LCP andContinue reading “A new large Profile/Preset Update – Camera Profiles and Lens Correction Profiles – from Adobe to use in RawTherapee”

Gimp Tutorial – Using Textures

A tutorial on using textures in Gimp.What do we need :Well, a Texture to start with, and preferably more than one.There will be another tutorial soon about textures and how to make them.What you should know is that the photo you are going to use as a texture, unless it has a completely even structureContinue reading “Gimp Tutorial – Using Textures”

New Recipe Update – Vision Obscura – Kodak Vision3 250D Film Recipe

A Recipe based on VISION3 250D Color Negative Film 5207/7207 – “For filmmakers who aspire to capture the world as only they see it” – info courtesy of OBSCURA RECIPES Vision Obscura – Kodak Vision3 250D Film Recipe Before using this recipe, be sure to check out the photos taken on the real filmContinue reading “New Recipe Update – Vision Obscura – Kodak Vision3 250D Film Recipe”

New Lut Update – PictureFX Leica Barnack – based on Leica type II & III 35mm film camera

Nicca 3-F and Zorki 1C Export Edition Leica, the camera brand that captures the imagination of many, but who can afford it – or rather, who wants to spend that much money on it. Well, frankly, paying almost €1000 or more for a Leica II or III with a lens and that age ? evenContinue reading “New Lut Update – PictureFX Leica Barnack – based on Leica type II & III 35mm film camera”

Vintage Porst Tele MC 135mm f1.8 M42 on Micro4/3 – Review

Before I continue with the review, I would like to say this: an 135mm prime lens was a widely used and interesting lens that could be used for various purposes, such as portrait, still life and even landscape. But then we are talking about 35mm film or Full Frame. Using an 135mm lens on anContinue reading “Vintage Porst Tele MC 135mm f1.8 M42 on Micro4/3 – Review”

A Script to solve a Workflow Problem

I have a problem in my photo workflow for quite some time, and finally I created a solution in the form of a script I wrote.Maybe you have a similar problem, and you also work with Linux, then I may have a possible solution below. However, even if you are a Windows user, scripts areContinue reading “A Script to solve a Workflow Problem”

New Lut Update – Kodak 2383 Print Film Emulation

A new Lut update : Kodak 2383 Print Film Emulation I should start by saying that although it is free, you do need to provide your personal information.That being said, and a tip at the same time:The download comes immediately after the form, without checking the email and address provided. Kodak 2383 Print Film EmulationContinue reading “New Lut Update – Kodak 2383 Print Film Emulation”

New Fujifilm Recipe Update – Ivan Cheam – Ivan Yolo – True Chroma

Ivan Cheam has created a surprising new Fujifilm Recipe based on Velvia/Vivid.He writes that it makes colors pop, and indeed it does !He calls the new recipe True Chroma and describes it as the “poor man’s Leica recipe for Fuji X-Trans IV” – the recipe is written on his site, and also which other camerasContinue reading “New Fujifilm Recipe Update – Ivan Cheam – Ivan Yolo – True Chroma”

Open Source Photography

What is Open Source Photography for me ?Well, it mainly stands to be Free… Free, in the freedom of choice,Free, from having to pay,Free, in the choice to sponsor,Free, in the choice of Camera, unfortunately this is not completely free 🙂Free, in the choice of Operating Systemand Free in the choice of Photo Editing SoftwareContinue reading “Open Source Photography”

ET-78II Canon Lens Hood Replacement for Olympus LH-76

Sequel to “Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement“ Today my new lens hood to replace the Olympus LH-76 was delivered by standard mail,And I just wanted to let you know and show how it turned out for me.Well, I ended up ordering my LH-76 replacement from “fast Ali” 🙂It was the ET-78II lens hoodContinue reading “ET-78II Canon Lens Hood Replacement for Olympus LH-76”

The MCO Plus 14mm f3.5 on Micro Four Thirds Review

As promised in the latest and last edition of the OSP magazine, here’s the review of the MCO Plus 14mm f3.5 on Micro Four Thirds Camera. The test photos that belong to this review are on my gallery. (The lens is also available for: E, FX, M4/3, EOSM, NEX) I really like using old lenses,Continue reading “The MCO Plus 14mm f3.5 on Micro Four Thirds Review”

Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement

Well, I was warned when I bought the Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens,the person I bought it from told me how vulnerable it was,But I’m always super careful,so I thought, that won’t happen to me ! This lens hood is (was) great,I really loved it !The idea is that the lens hood can remain onContinue reading “Olympus LH‑76 Lens hood Repair or Replacement”

New LUT Update – Rob Shea Infrared Photography

A new update for the “The Largest Collection of HaldClut/Luts brought together“. Interested in Infrared Photography?A digital dedicated camera is too expensive,and 35mm IR film is too much hassle ?Well, then here you have a very nice series of .Cube files with which you can still get started, and make beautiful Infra Red creations..Cube files canContinue reading “New LUT Update – Rob Shea Infrared Photography”

New DT Styles Update – Mark G. Adams – 16 Awesome Styles !

A long overdue update to “The Largest Collection of Presets/Profiles brought together“It has been since November 2021 !Now there is one, and what an awesome update it is!From the maker of the famous Fujifilm recipes by Mark G. Adams, now also an awesome series of Darktable styles.But, who can say more about this than himselfContinue reading “New DT Styles Update – Mark G. Adams – 16 Awesome Styles !”

Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm F4.0-6.3 Asph. Power OIS Review

I did my first experiments with Olympus and bird photography, with an E-M5 Mark II and Panasonic Lumix G Vario 100-300mm f/4-5.6 II POWER O.I.S. At that time I was still a Fujifilm user, and compared this lens next to my Fuji X-H1 and Fujifilm XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 R LM OIS WR. The Fuji wasContinue reading “Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm F4.0-6.3 Asph. Power OIS Review”

Pitts Aerobatics and an Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F2.8 Pro

Not a real review, but just some pictures taken at an airshow last weekend.This was a lens I really wasn’t sure about,but that day she really surprised me.While every photographer hid his camera in the pouring rain,I just walked around with my E-M1 Mark II with the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F2.8 Pro inContinue reading “Pitts Aerobatics and an Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F2.8 Pro”