Double Fun : New Lut and Recipe Update ! – Ian Worth

Yesterday I accidentally published a new Lut Update too soon, the intention was to put out two posts at once, the great Fujifilm Eterna Lut from the Fujifilm company itself, but also this DOUBLE film simulation, namely :A second Eterna Lut, but version Ian Worth,and also an Eterna Recipe for your Fujifilm camera like theContinue reading “Double Fun : New Lut and Recipe Update ! – Ian Worth”

Cover Picture August

“Cover Picture” is a new topic that I will try to write every month. The subject but also used gear will be briefly discussed, which will ultimately give it a kind of short review. I hope you can enjoy it. The cover picture of this month is a butterfly with the name: Vanessa atalanta, alsoContinue reading “Cover Picture August”

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