The Largest Collection of HaldClut/Luts brought together

This is a work in progress, and will be further supplemented, updated and improved as time goes on.

  • Latest Update: April 2021 – Created a seperate page for largest collection Haldcluts/Luts

I made a Workshop here, on where to find, how to install and how to use – but above all lots of links to the largest collection of HaldCluts/Luts you can think of.
Do you know any others? please contact me and i will be happy to add them.

Film Emulation / Simulation / HaldCluts or Luts are images in which a certain reference color profile is stored – the color profile can be applied to another image with one click

When applying a simulation in Rawtherapee, be it a preset, profile or Lut, always reset the processing drop down list to neutral – otherwise you will get a combination of different settings, and not the desired result.

HaldClut or Lut

Where to find ( the latest can be found at the bottom of the list ) :

  1. Stuart Sowerby – Fuji Film Simulation Profiles :
  2. Pat David – Film Emulation in RawTherapee :
  3. Marc Roovers – PictureFX Original set HaldCluts and Presets –
  4. Cédric Eberhardt – 5 different sets of haldcluts :
  5. Marc Roovers – PictureFX V3.0 :
  6. Marc Roovers – PictureFX Professional, The Analog Film Look :
  7. Marc Roovers – PictureFX 3DLut – Cube :

Stuart Sowerby has created a set of Fujifilm simulation LUT’s for use in RawTherapee and other software, specificaly for Fuji X Trans sensor II and III. Thanks Stuart !
Note: The term profiles can be misleading, because, in RawTherapee we speak of “profiles” when using .pp3 script files that alter specific settings in RT.

Pat David : Probably the most comprehensive set out there – over 400MB of “real film” HaldCluts, all made by Pat David, Thanks Pat!

Marc Roovers – PictureFX : A set made by myself. A series of CLUTS for use in RawTherapee or other compatible medium. PictureFX helps to create personalized and artistic effects. PictureFX is also available in G’MIC, Thank You David Tschumperlé ! and in the Free Online Film Emulator made by Jonas Wagner, Thanks Jonas ! – Update september 2020 a new set is released inspired by the theme “Mystical”, perhaps the start of a whole new series of haldcluts? who knows, first see if this one catches on with other photographers. Update January 2021 – a whole new set of Fujifilm Simulation Luts is in the making, as well as a workshop on how to make and use it, and how to give your pictures an even more analog look.

Out of category: Krzysiu from Poland – Not directly a link to haldcluts, but here in the words of the man himself: “Imagine all the images processing in baaatchhh, yeah. You may say I’m dreamer, but now I’ve got a tool. I hope someday you’ll clone it and many operations will become one.”Batch create files with RawTherapee using all possible HaldCLUT presets. While it uses PHP, I’m trying to make it simple for users who don’t know this language.batchHaldCLUT :

How to use Luts in Rawtherapee ?

Open RawTherapee -> go to left side – below – preferences icon -> click to open -> in the next screen -> top left – second tab – image processing -> second below -> directories -> HaldClut directory -> go to folder on your computer where your HaldCluts are placed -> select -> open
-> Restart RawTherapee !

Then, open Rawtherapee again -> double click a picture in file browser -> the editor opens

In editor -> third icon on the right side, color -> scroll down to film simulation -> select a film simulation from the drop down list


Activate the film simulation


Or watch our instruction video on YouTube

In short :
“Go to a website to download Luts.
Save your download in the assigned folder, in this example : adapted camera workshop.
Extract the files in the folder.
When the files have been extracted, the HaldClut folder contains subfolders for color and black and white.
Start RawTherapee and open preferences by clicking the icon on the left side, second icon from below, kind of mixer icon.
In the preferences panel, click on theimage processing tab, top left, second tab from left – then click in directories – on Haldclut directory.
Go to the assigned folder – in this case : adapted camera workshop.
Select the extracted Haldclut folder and click open.
Close the preferences panel and close RawTherapee.
Restart RawTherapee double click on a picture to open in editor.
Click on the right side, top, third icon, color.
Scroll down to film simulation tab, activate by clicking the on/of icon.
Select a film simulation Lut from the drop down list.
Enjoy the applied film simulation ! Thanks for watching the Adapted Camera RawTherapee Film Simulation video.”

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