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The Largest Collection of HaldClut/Luts brought together

This is a work in progress, and will be further supplemented, updated and improved as time goes on.

Last Update November 2022.

First a glossary :
Haldclut = basically a PNG or TIFF = a film simulation
Clut = Color Look Up Table = does not say anything about the format of the film simulation
Color Lut = Color Look Up Table = same as previous
3DLut = Tri Dimensional Table Look Up Table = basically a CUBE = film simulation

Rawtherapee uses Haldclut’s
Darktable can use 3DLut and Haldclut
Adobe, Luminar and many others use 3DLut

The Newest LUT in the Spotlight for 2022 :

PictureFX Leica Barnack

Download on FreshLUTs – Cube format

The OSP article for more analog goodies : here

compatibility with different software packages,
of which :
Adobe Photoshop CS6 and up
After Effects – Premiere Pro – Speedgrade
DaVince Resolve
Affinity Photo
Luminar AI
RawTherapee (via converter below)
and many more …

Where to find other LUTs – links to the various pages – You can find the latest addition here at the top, enjoy !

Colorist Factory – Kodak 2383 Film Print Emulation

Download here

The Colorist Factory website

The OSP article about this Lut here

PictureFX CineStill 800T V1.0

Nearly 2000 downloads ! of this PictureFX CineStill 800T V1.0
click here and download for free @ Fresh LUTs !

At the moment there are 37 free PictureFX LUTs available for download on Fresh LUTs, click here to discover them all

Or, go to Fresh LUT’s -> click on “search luts” -> click on “name” -> type exactly : “PictureFX”

New Lut Update – 10 Cinematic LUTs for free by Lukas Eriksen

My article on Lukas Eriksen


PictureFX @ Fresh LUTs

Fresh LUTs has become my base on which I place my very latest PictureFX developments.
Format is .Cube 25x25x25 and can be used in most video/photo image editing programs.


The original set from 2015 (Format : PNG)

PictureFX CLUTS are also available in G’MIC,
Thank You David Tschumperlé !
and in the Free Online Film Emulator made by Jonas Wagner,
Thanks Jonas !

Pat David

Film Emulation in RawTherapee (Format : PNG) :

Pat David : Probably the most comprehensive set out there – over 400MB of “real film” HaldCluts, all made by Pat David, Thanks Pat!

Stuart Sowerby

Fuji Film Simulation Profiles (Format : PNG) :

Stuart Sowerby has created a set of Fujifilm simulation LUT’s for use in RawTherapee and other software, specificaly for Fuji X Trans sensor II and III. Thanks Stuart !

Cédric Eberhardt

5 different sets of haldcluts (PNG) :

Free Luts (Format : Cube)

Nine folders, each folder contains 10 Luts, so you have 90 Luts in total!
The Luts are for MacOS, Lightroom, ON1 and Other Programs – the latter can be used in Darktable, for example (all .cube format)

Also : 125 Free Luts on this website. (Format : Cube)


35 Free LUTs (Format : Cube)

Tested in Darktable (all in .cube format)

Also : 125 Free Luts on this website. (Format : Cube)

Juan Melara

PFE Luts – Format : Cube (Adobe,Darktable,Luminar…) Inside the zip : Fujifilm 3510 – Kodak 2383 – Kodak 2393 – all Print Film Emulations

To get the free luts – scroll down to/ or click here: “show me the luts

Click here to go to the Juan Melara Blog and here for the Link to my original post


Mobile Cinematography for Mobile Phone.
Apps for iPhone, Android,
Focus Peaking and Film Simulations,
and … Free Luts

Four luts in Cube format, zipped.

Use : Video (limited usable for picture – tested in Darktable) – For more info, click here for my original article.


Photo Editing Freebies

Luts & Presets and Tons of Free Photographers Stuff Like It’s Christmas !

Link to original writing @ OSP

SmallHD – Movie Look

Seven free “Movie Look” 3D Luts (Cube format)

The introduction of “Jarvis” – my new electronic voice assistant, Bulk Lut Preview, and basic info about using Luts in Darktable – Click Here.


GrossGrade is a software environment for photo / image color correction or grading. you can choose and use various color correction tools (modules) from the constantly expanding library. In addition, the environment allows you to create your own tools or modify existing for solving a large number of tasks related to analysis, color correction, calibration, as well as non-trivial tasks”

“Unboxing” GrossGrade Professional Color Enhancement & Grading

Fresh LUT’s

Database of FREE Luts

The World’s Largest Collection
Of Free LUTs

  • Format : Cube
  • Target : Videographers & Photography

TDCat Free Luts Pack

Five different Lut Packs – download here

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