New Lut Update – Juan Melara

Oh boy, yes, again a great set of Luts in Cube format, my computers disks are exploding of the many luts !
Getting the “largest Collection Luts/Presets and Recipes” together, runs like clockwork.
And I’m very happy for that.
My advice is : create an extra folder for newly downloaded Luts, and keep the ones you really like in a separate Lut folder.
If you’re looking for something special for a particular occasion, you can still browse through that “Lut Download” folder, without cluttering your software menu with the many Luts.

Today we have another Cinematographer/Colourist :

Juan Melara : “Director / Cinematographer / Colourist / Designer, rarely before 10am”

The Luts here are “Print Film Emulation” – PFE – but what is that ? according to Juan Melara from his site : “A print film emulation (PFE) LUT previews how your image will look like when printed onto a target film stock. It accurately emulates the density and color response of the film, to give you an accurate preview on your monitor, prior to going to print.”

Juan Melara

PFE Luts – Format : Cube (Adobe,Darktable,Luminar…) Inside the zip : Fujifilm 3510 – Kodak 2383 – Kodak 2393 – all Print Film Emulations

To get the free luts – scroll down to/ or click here: “show me the luts

Juan Melara Blog

A little bit of info on what’s to come.

  • At the time of starting this article, I was able to find and buy the new FUJINON XF70-300mmF4-5.6 R LM OIS WR, it was very hard to find because after its release date sometime in March 2021 it was sold out everywhere instantly. Anyway, I’ve been able to test it for a few days now and that’s why I would like to give a “first impression” of this lens.
  • I am also writing an article about a conversion program for 3DLut and how you can use it to get started with creating Luts yourself. The converter is programmed in Python and is used via “command line”, so it is more like a “expert level” converter. In principle, it can be used multi-platform, so on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
  • Also I have a little bit about Darktable in the pipline, about using 3DLuts.

So, the holidays are approaching, and the excursion options due covid are less limited. At the beginning of October I have a Buscraft weekend planned, and during the months of July/August I will probably have more limited access to the internet at times due to the location where I will be spending my holidays.
I will continue to write and post articles, but there may be a little more time in between, I will also do my best to read all my posts and messages, but keep in mind that a day or more may go by.

For Recipes – One Address : One Camera One Lens

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