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The Olympus E-PL7 Rangefinder Style Camera

In short, what the previous article “Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question” was about:I wanted a rangefinder type camera,not too expensive,but I also didn’t want to run into the same problems as with previous purchases in this category of camera.The problem with the Fujifilm X100 was mainly the fixed lens and that the cameraContinue reading “The Olympus E-PL7 Rangefinder Style Camera”

Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question

This story started a little more than a half year ago. Somewhere around June 2022, I had the urge to have a digital rangefinder camera again. So I gave myself a budget of up to €250 (which is not much for this type of camera) and waited for a good offer. I’ve always had aContinue reading “Rangefinder or Not – that is the Question”