Meike Extension Tube Set MK-F-AF3

One of the subjects I like to photograph are flowers, plants, mushrooms etc. but sometimes those things are very small, and the range of your standard lens or zoom is just not close enough. I use my XF 18-135mm a lot and it can actually close focus pretty well, but to be able to photographContinue reading “Meike Extension Tube Set MK-F-AF3”

My Fuji and … a Meike 35mm f1.7

No sharpness tests, pixel counting or other technical mumbo jumbo, just everyday pictures with the intention of showing the view angle, color pattern and character, and my thoughts of the lens. The Meike 35mm f1.7 FX mount 18 september unboxing of the lens and first use : Apart from the DOF ring that was looseContinue reading “My Fuji and … a Meike 35mm f1.7”

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