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Who am I ?

My name is Marc.

Started photography in the late 60s / early 70s, learned everything that comes with it, from photography it self to developing film and printing pictures in the darkroom.
Specialized in analog Pentax and Fuji, but later also Russian and Japanese rangefinders. Today working with both analog and digital media.

I started writing about photography early 2011,
in a blog : pentaxianbelgium.blogspot
In that same year, in may 2011, I bought and registered my own domain :
Became interested in Bushcraft around 2013/14, I got immersed in it thru Google, YouTube and Discovery TV series, and I learned the most important techniques such as making fire, cutting techniques, etc… Collecting the perfect gear and tools for Bushcraft went through trial and error, but in the end this gave me a lot of knowledge of the subject.

But Photography and Bushcraft are not my only hobbies, Motorcycles, special old timers, basically all WWII and post-war vehicles in that regard, Cars – sports cars ( drove a beautifull red Ferrari F308 GTS – like in the Magnum TV series )… and airplanes, including a WWII Mustang P51 fighterplane with dual controls, where I had the privilege to fly the plane myself, of course under the supervision of an experienced instructor / pilot.

Pilot for One Day
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