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Latest Update: november 2021 – New additions (added below) or adjustments.

Recipe in the Spotlight :

Spotlight recipe for November

One of the best recipes ever seen : MGA Realistic Pro

And of course there are many more recipes on Mark’s site, click here to visit them.

There are many photo examples of the MGA Realistic Pro recipe on the OneCameraOneLens website, but if you want to see more examples, check out the video below of Scott Dawson who used the recipe for his photos taken on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Film simulation recipes are specific settings you can change on camera

Example :

Classic Chrome
Dynamic Range: DR200
Highlight: +4
Shadow: -2
Color: +4
Sharpening: +1
Noise Reduction: -3
Grain: Strong
White Balance: Auto, +2 Red, -4 Blue
ISO: Auto up to ISO 6400
Exposure Compensation: -1/3 to -1 (typically)

How are film simulation recipes made?
How can I save them on my Fujifilm Camera?
Well, I know someone who can explain that perfectly:

Creating Film (Fujifilm Film Simulations) on OneCameraOneLens by Mark G. Adams

Storing Film Simulations on your Fujifilm Camera on OneCameraOneLens by Mark G. Adams

And his well known “One Camera One Lens Fujifilm X Film Simulations pages

Where to find other recipes – links to the various pages : click on the site screenshot left, or for main site click on written link right side.

You can find the latest additions at the bottom

One Camera One Lens – Mark G. Adams

The absolute number one for me, click on the logo to go to his Fujifilm X Film Simulation Pages.

Fuji X Weekly – Ritchie Roesch

Film Simulation Recipes

Life, Unintended – Luís Costa

My favorite Fujifilm film simulation settings

NZ Digital

Custom Film Simulations on my Fujifilm X-E1

Pete Takes Pictures

Film and Vision

Making Fuji X Simulations work for you

Shark & Palm

Fuji Film Simulations: Best Recipes for Portraits, Street, Landscape, and More

Craig Bergonzoni

Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes

Immanuel Sander – Captn.Look

Apparently his film recipes can be found on Instagram and Youtube, but I think you need an account for Instagram, so I didn’t find them directly. and

The Creative Camera

Recipe for Fuji X-T1 – Superia

Fuji Rumours – FujiXWeekly – Oleksii Prytuhin

Fujifilm Film Simulation Cards to Download and Print

Scott Dawson – Youtube video on Oleksii Prytuhin Film Simulation Recipes

Scott Dawson’s video on YouTube : 21 Fuji Film Simulation Recipes

David Triregno

A list of over 200 recipes from David Triregno

the list : Fujifilm Customs Films

Henri-Pierre Chavaz

Here’s another spreadsheet with recipes, available in pdf and xlsx – and a lot of links to other photographers, books, and other info.

Dan Bailey Photo Blog

“Customizing the Film Simulations on the X Series Cameras”

Create your own recipes with samples by official Fujifilm X Photographer Dan Bailey.

Clifton Beard – Atrax Photo

“Fuji X-E1 custom settings shared”

David Szweduik – Usually Dave

“Fujifilm Jpeg Film Simulation : Egglechrome”

Veijo Matikainen

Film Simulation recipes and Capture One Styles

Thomas Schwab – alias: effzwo.thommy

Created or participated in many recipes.
As far as I discovered, only has an Instagram page:
His recipes or those in which he participated can be found on the Ritchie Roesch website
Go to the search box and type in “Thomas” or “Schwab” to find his recipes.

Lea Hartman – Lea & Lens

A few Recipes for X-Trans II – a mention of the X-T1 and “old school” , and I was sold.
Myself, and probably many others, still have an X-T1 – or an X100S, X100T, X-E2, X-E2S, X-T10, X70, X20, X30…
The X-T1 is a really great “old school” camera, only there is no film in it.
And someone who makes recipes for it deserves a place in the “largest list…” – link to my article

E. Fung Photoblog

Website :

Currently three recipes, one on the Fujicolor Natura 1600 – versions for different X trans sensors

Blog Article – click here

Ivan Yolo – Ivan Cheam

Cine Matte

Retro Allure

Urban Chic – Street Fashion

@ the recipe it says “content locked” : if you share, like, subscribe or tweet in the article, the recipe will be visible, you can also wait 240 seconds and it will also be released.

Øyvind Nordhagen

“Photographer based in Oslo. I write about photographic technique and editing.”

Modern Documentary Fujifilm Recipe

New American Color Fujifilm Recipe

Site link :

Article on OSP click here.

Many of these recipes have been found through other websites, links, photographers.
It can always happen that a name listing is incorrect or matches another link, or a link no longer works.
If that had to be the case, my deep apologies in advance,
let me know where the error is and we will rectify this ASAP

All Rights and Credits to their Respective Owners.

If you happen to come across some film recipes of which the maker (s) is not listed here yet, I would really like to know, even if it’s just one or two recipes. So please drop me a line below or if you prefer not to be listed on this website, just send me a message via the Contact Form.
Thanks in advance !

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