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The Largest Collection of Presets/Profiles brought together

This is a work in progress, and will be further supplemented, updated and improved as time goes on.

Update: October 2022 – “A selection of Darktable Styles” by Mark G. Adams

Presets for Rawtherapee :

Film Simulation Profiles ( presets ) are scripts, text files (.pp3) that can be applied in RawTherapee on any image

Where to find (the latest can be found at the bottom of the list ) :

  1. Sébastien Guyader and Pat David –
  2. GLTR87 – RawTherapee-presets-Fuji-inspired : -> note from author : “The presets were calibrated with a Sony A7 camera, but they give good results with Canon 5D and Olympus X-Z1 RAW files, and probably others.”
  3. Stefan Chirila – Custom Chrome – 6 sets packed with presets : realy tons of presets, awesome Stefan, thanks !

How to use :

Open Rawtherapee -> -> double click a picture in file browser -> the editor opens -> top right side, fourth icon from right -> click the folder icon – load a profile from file -> in the next screen – select default folder, or go to downloaded folder

select prefered script, and see the result :

Presets for Darktable :

A selection of Darktable Styles – by Mark G. Adams

click here or on the picture to read more and download the styles


of João Pedro Almeida : There is also a quick download for Portra presets

Stuart Sowerby’s Fujifilm Lut’s transformed in DT Styles

Jean-Paul Gauche and Andy Costanza managed to convert/transform the Lut’s in to DT Styles. Available to download at Darktable.Fr

DTStyle – a darktable styles repository

download page

Darktable Presets And Styles – How To Import, Create And Use Them +Free Styles To Download

A great site about Darktable, how to use styles and much more – visit Stefano’s site and find everything you ever wanted to know about Darktable !

Presets for Commercial Software :

TDCat Lightroom Presets

Five Preset Packs – download here

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