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The Largest Collection Recipes For : Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Canon, Olympus…

The article I placed on may 7 2021 about film simulation on other camera’s than Fujifilm was a success, it had many visitors, hence this dedicated page.

“may 7, 2021 12:38pm : Perhaps this is the start of a whole new page dedicated to film simulation for cameras other than Fuji.
Yes, it is indeed possible to apply film simulation on a Nikon, Sony … or Pentax, but actually, as a loyal Pentax user for many years, I already knew that.
Long before the wondrous Fuji Film simulations were even discussed, Pentax also had “in camera” recipes.
The names weren’t as imaginative as “Velvia”, the Pentax equivalent would then be “Vibrant” or “Radiant”.
And those settings can also be adjusted to create your own “custom” variant.
But that’s only Pentax, also with other brands such as Nikon, Sony … there are possibilities that you might not have known yet?
Anyway, here are links to websites dealing with Film Simulation other than Fuji Cameras.”

The Latest Recipes :

Ricoh – Pentax

“Custom Image”

MU-43 Forum – Olympus

BushmanOrig – Kodak Portra 400 settings

Fujifilm Classic Chrome on Sony A7III or other Sony Cameras

Fujifilm Classic Chrome on Sony A7III or other Sony Cameras – the title says it all

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