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PictureFX Professional 4.0 – “The Analog Film Look”

12 April 2021 Page reorganized, divided into three parts:

  • Lut Download
  • Workshops
  • Other Downloads for Analog Film Look and the Workshops

Lut Downloads :

PictureFX Pro Fujifilm Superia 200 :

Lut for use in Rawtherapee, Artherapee , Darktable and other compatible software :

Read more about it here :

PictureFX Professional 4.0 – Fujifilm Color Filmpack : Provia, Velvia and Classic Chrome

PictureFX Pro – Fujifilm Acros II

A brand new Package of eight Luts – and Filters

PictureFX Agfa Black and White LUT Series:

The following series of four PictureFX Agfa B&W Lut’s are based on the mini scripts that can be downloaded as an attachment to the blog article: Download Agfa B&W Film Simulation Presets / Mini Scripts.

Workshops :

PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Defining “The Analog Film Style” + Bonus download

PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Making the PictureFX Pro Acros II + download Luts, Preset en Curve

PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Create your own Film Simulation + download Presets and Curves

PictureFX (Fuji)film Simulation Workshop – Improving the Analog Film Look + Links to Goodies

Other Downloads for Analog Film Look and the Workshops

I will try to update this page as soon as possible with more Goodies that are useful in obtaining a better Analog Film Look.

Download now : Film Simulation Fujifilm Presets Filmpack for RawTherapee :

Download now : Film Simulation Curves for RawTherapee :

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