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PictureFX Pro 5.0 – 2023

PictureFX Pro 5.0 – 2023
PictureFX has evolved, the logical consequence of improved techniques.

What has been improved in PictureFX 5.0:

  • usable for Photo (RAW) and Video
  • improved analog film simulations based on real film
  • film simulations of iconic pictures from great photographers
  • look and feel of legendary film types, like Silberra, CineStill and other
  • smaller Lut files
  • 125×125 PNG and 512×512 PNG Luts
  • 3DLuts in multiple grid versions – 25x25x25 and 64x64x64
  • greater compatibility with different software packages,
    of which :
    Adobe Photoshop CS6 and up
    After Effects – Premiere Pro – Speedgrade
    DaVince Resolve
    Affinity Photo
    Luminar AI
    and many more …

Downloading PictureFX 5.0 Luts

The standard 3DL Luts are of the type 25x25x25 .cube
You can download them on – here on the left side – or on my Google Drive page, listed with each film simulation below

Real Film Simulations :
Analog cameras (Olympus OM2000 and other) and the original analog films were used. Simultaneously digital pictures were taken with Fujifilm cameras (X-T1 & X-H1), Digital and Analog pictures of color targets were made. Then through color grading, blending, fusion and fine tuning, analog and digital were closely matched.

More and Free !
Yes, PictureFX is free!
Why ? well, I make them for myself, so it’s not really work for me. Also, I’d like to share the fun of using Luts and Cube Film Simulations.
All I ask is that if you publish work on the internet or physically, you mention that you used a PictureFX Film Simulation, see licensing here below to see how.
Meanwhile, new versions of the improved PictureFX 5.0 keep coming out, so there are many more than listed on this page.
Just visit FreshLuts, go to search, type PictureFX exactly with upper and lower case, and you can find the latest additions.
Have Fun !


Unless otherwise noted, this work, PictureFX Film Simulation, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license which means that you are free to share and adapt my works in any way you’d like (even commercially), provided you give me credit and that any changes you make to my works will be licensed under the same conditions.

Please attribute this as
PictureFX Film Simulation” with a link to this site :

Creative Commons License

PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome V1.0

Unpredictable, Vintage, Extreme, 60s, Psychedelic, Unusual, Hippie, Flower Power.
PictureFX Kodak Aerochrome has it all.

Download on

Download PNG version on GoogleDrive

The Full Article on OSP

PictureFX Leica Barnack

Download on FreshLUTs – Cube format

compatibility with different software packages,
of which :
Adobe Photoshop CS6 and up
After Effects – Premiere Pro – Speedgrade
DaVince Resolve
Affinity Photo
Luminar AI
RawTherapee (via converter below)
and many more …

More info here

The Horse – E-M5MarkII LUMIX G VARIO 100-300/F4.0-5.6II

PictureFX CineStill 800 T V1.0

built-in correction filter Kenko 85B for daylight use

Silberra Color 100 (Beta version)

Russian vintage look and feel, medium contrast with boosted red and green tones. Use and adjust exposure, strength or opacity to taste – Silberra is a difficult film to simulate, the result is very depending of the target picture, and one lut can’t handle all shooting conditions. Tested on X-T1, X-H1 and Oly TG-6.

This is a first draft, based on one real film roll – it may take a while before the next Silberra rolls are finished, but the fusion of those results will give an even better result.

Iconic Photographers Series :
This film simulation series is not about the emulsion used, but about the character and look and feel of select iconic photos taken by well-known photographers. Nothing from the original creator is used or reused in name or image – just to avoid copyright issues. It’s only about the color and atmosphere that has been extracted, and hopefully the Lut name and description tells the story. The target pictures where carefully analysed, colors mapped, fused with equivalent alternatives from my own gallery, styles extracted and converted to Lut on a basic PictureFX Fujifilm layer (PFX Provia).

PictureFX French Riviera

Original image : A small village on the Mediterranean coast,
a clear and blue sea, a white beach, palm trees and purple flowers in the foreground, in the background green forests, that’s what this image is about.
Colors : blue, purple, beige, ocher and green.

PictureFX Burning Man Sand

Original image : A sculpture in the sand, a cloudy sky with a touch of dark blue, a bright light that encompasses everything.
Colors : very light beige to brown/ocher, a little light to dark blue.

PictureFX Paris by Dawn

Original image : A view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine, a bridge and river boats. The morning light has only just arrived, cloudy sky.
Colors : a range of light and dark magenta/purple hues, a touch of blue and light brown.

PictureFX Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Gold

Original image : view at fourth level balcony to the shops, al decorated in christmas style and gold

Colors : a touch of various colors, but predominantly gold color

PictureFX Villefranche sur Mer – Cote d’Azur

Original picture : Monaco style city by the sea, yacht harbour, sailboats, concrete and sports cars, colorful flowers and green.

PictureFX Sunrise at River Li China

Use on dark(er) pictures/footage, preferably sunset/sunrise, set color cast to taste – sample here at 80%

PictureFX Louvre Paris Classic Chrome

A Classic Chrome Lut blended with the colors from the Louvre Paris (color mapping)

PictureFX Galleries Vivienne Paris

PictureFX Lijiang old China Town by Night

Created for night shots from illuminated streets, cafe’s, night shops and architecture

Colors of Nature :
Color Tone filters based on color mapping of selected pictures showing a particular subject, such as sunflowers in a field.
The scanned colors are then yellow – blue and green -> the flowers, the sky and the plant

PictureFX Cherry Blossom

  • download at .cube 25x25x25
  • download at Drive Google .cube 25x25x25 and .png 125×125, high accuracy .cube 64x64x64 and .png 512×512 (available soon)

PictureFX Papaver Field

  • download at .cube 25x25x25
  • download at Drive Google .cube 25x25x25 and .png 125×125, high accuracy .cube 64x64x64 and .png 512×512 (available soon)

PictureFX Alaska


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