PictureFX 3D LUT – Cube

This is a work in progress, and will be further supplemented, updated and improved as time goes on.

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and up, Skylum Luminar AI, Darktable and many other…

I will regularly release new .cube files from already existing PictureFX Haldcluts, and of course newly released PictureFX film simulations will from now on be available for download in both formats.

The first series of Haldcluts have been transferred and are ready for download.
Keep in mind that .cube files are much larger than the Haldcluts, making this first set of six PictureFX Faux Infrared cube files packed 24MB but unpacked 460MB!
You can read more about this set on the original blog page here.
Download the PictureFX Faux Infrared cube files here:

The following series of four PictureFX Agfa B&W Cube files are based on the mini scripts that can be downloaded as an attachment to the blog article: Download Agfa B&W Film Simulation Presets / Mini Scripts.
Download PictureFX Agfa Black and White Series: ( first week of February )

Probably the most wanted and sought after film simulations by everyone on the web are the now legendary Fujifilm Film Simulations, Astia, Provia, Velvia and Classic Chrome – here you can download the PictureFX version V3.0 of them.

Here are the links to the articles I wrote about it when I developed them: PictureFX Fujifilm Provia – a brand new Lut ! and It’s Here, the new PictureFX Fujifilm Classic Chrome

Another much sought after and downloaded film simulation is the Fujifilm Acros B&W – and here in the I & II version.
The Acros 400 IR simulation is actually a fictional one, because Fuji never made an IR film.

The links to the original blogs with the Haldclut download : PictureFX Fujifilm Acros 100 & 100 II and the PictureFX Fujifilm Acros 400 IR

Rest assured there are many more to come, if you always want to be informed of the latest developments or new downloads, click “follow” and you will be automatically notified when a new article / download appears.

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