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Christmas Recipe Update – CAPTN LOOK – Creamy Color

For this “Christmas Special” I searched and found one recipe that fits very well with the atmosphere and colors of this period.
The name is “Creamy Color” !
Be sure to check out the Youtube video below that Captn Look made,
it actually doesn’t really start until 1:10, but it’s really worth seeing all the way through.
Captn Look has created a gem here,
The music, the film and the pictures …
breathtakingly beautifully done.
A nice combination of film and photo, something I actually want more for my own photographic experience, I find it pure Art !
I hope you all can enjoy it too.
Merry Christmas !
And… Thank you Captn Look for this great recipe !

Links and written recipe below the video – All credits : Captn Look

CAPTN LOOK – Creamy Color

CAPTN LOOK Fujifilm Recipe “Creamy Color”

The music, the film and the pictures …
Breathtakingly beautifully done.

Recipe : Creamy Color
Classic Negative
DR 400
Highlight +4
Shadow +4
Color -4
Sharpening -4
Grain effect Strong Large
Clarity -5
Color Chrome effect Strong
Color Chrome effect Blue Strong
White Balance K8700 Red +4 Blue +6
ISO 640-5000
Noise Reduction -4
Exposure Comp. -1/3 EV

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