New page for Film Simulations added in the menu …

It was probably already clear that a new page was coming, and here it is: “The Largest Collection for Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Canon, Olympus …”
And in the meantime, and by the help of good friends, also updated with new links for Nikon, but also Canon and Olympus.
Like all other pages, I only post links to “Free” pages!
And as always, feel free to send me new links!

These links, as well as those from the recipe page, are all for “In Camera” Film Simulation.
But for those who prefer to do this afterwards, and therefore compatible with “ALL” cameras, there are also the pages with “The Largest Collection – Presets & Haldcluts” and not to forget : PictureFX – free Lut’s, 3DLut’s, Cube for Adobe, Luminar, Darktable, Rawtherapee … – Check Them Out !

Best website about All Things Fujifilm, Recipes and much more :

Published by Marc R.

Belgium Based and Retired Photographer, IT specialist, Technician and Bushcrafter - not necessarily in that order. A few years back I got a message on my PC : "The box said 'Required Windows 11 or better'. So, I installed Linux Kubuntu 20.04 LTS" :-) - My Photography software : RawTherapee, Darktable, Digikam, Luminance HDR, Hugin, Gimp and many other. My camera Gear in 2022: Fujifilm X-H1 for architecture, landscape, ..., and Olympus E-M5 Mark II for bird and wildlife photography.

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