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Download the New PictureFX Pro Fujifilm Color and B&W Luts

This new series of Luts is actually part of the workshops, but it is precisely because of the workshops that they have become a bit forgotten. That is why I want to give some attention to the new Luts before the next workshop is ready and released.
Two different downloads, the first is the PictureFX Pro 4.0 Acros II Filmpack, which consists of eight Luts, the regular Acros II and then another seven with filter: Red, Blue, Green Yellow, R-Y, G-Y and B-G.
The second, PictureFX Pro 4.0 Color Film Pack, contains Provia, Velvia & Classic Chrome.
The full Presets and a whole series of Curves can also be downloaded from the same page.
In the long term the intention is to add Superia to that, but that film has only just been loaded on my old faithful Olympus OM10, so be patient.

Are you interested in making your own Film Simulations, check out my latest workshop: Picture FX (Fuji) film Simulation Workshop – Create your own Film Simulation + download Presets and Curves

Click the menu above “Film Simulation” -> PictureFX Professional 4.0 or click on the box below to go to the download page :

If you find working with Profiles, Presets or Luts too cumbersome, you can still use Film Simulations, but in the form of Recipes directly on your camera – That is if you have a Fujifilm camera, of course !
A great collection can be found on the site of Mark G. Adams:


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