Cover Picture January 2021

Of course for everyone first and foremost a safe, healthy and prosperous 2021! For who’s interested in Film Simulation and Lut’s, be sure to scroll down and read the maybe interesting information for you at the end of this blog. And what about the picture ? Well, taken with an Olympus OM-D-E-M10 first generation, andContinue reading “Cover Picture January 2021”

PictureFX Fujifilm Acros 400 IR

If someone gives me an idea and it’s about something I like to do, I tend to start right away. Not always nice for the people close to me, who actually hope that I will make some more time with the holidays for them. So this is going to be my last article of thisContinue reading “PictureFX Fujifilm Acros 400 IR”

PictureFX Fujifilm Acros 100 & 100 II

It’s true, there were actually two versions of Acros, but in film simulation they don’t talk about it.Acros was the original version and it was available until 2018.In 2019, Fujifilm introduced Acros 100 II, just one year ago, and to say that we are in the digital age ! I’am a bid surprised they did,Continue reading “PictureFX Fujifilm Acros 100 & 100 II”

The year is almost over. What impressed me this year, what’s next on my blog, and what can you expect in 2021

Everything comes to an end, and also 2020 is almost over.It was a difficult year for everyone, and probably hell for some.But whatever happens or whatever we do, life keeps moving on.We just have to make the most of it together and help and support each other. This year I started my new blog here,Continue reading “The year is almost over. What impressed me this year, what’s next on my blog, and what can you expect in 2021”

It’s Here, the new PictureFX Fujifilm Classic Chrome

And there is not one but two!but more on that later. It was a race to get them ready in this short time, blood, sweat and tears have flowed – not really, but you know what I mean I guess 🙂But it was painful, after having done a lot of work creating profiles and fineContinue reading “It’s Here, the new PictureFX Fujifilm Classic Chrome”

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