New ! – PictureFX – Mystical Series

4 years have passed since I made the first version of PictureFX, I was a user of Gimp and RawTherapee, but I was always jealous of the pictures I saw on the web in HDR or with special effects developed in Photoshop or with Nik software.
There were presets/profiles and also HaldCluts available, but more with the intention of emulating film types, while I wanted more harder or more extreme effects. So I started experimenting myself, and after I got together a nice set, I also wanted to come up with a nice name for it, and that’s how PictureFX was created.

Apparently the idea was not so bad, because soon I was contacted and the set was also integrated in G’MIC , developed by David Tschumperlé, and in the Free OnlineFilm Emulator by Jonas Wagner. Today using Film Simulation is more popular than ever, either via settings directly on camera, or during development in software like RawTherapee with presets and/or HaldCluts.
By visiting sites and blogs of fellow photographers I’ve got inspired again, and started creating a new PictureFX “special effects” set for RawTherapee with the name Mystical Series.

In contrast to other Presets and HaldCluts, such as for simulating Fujifilm Velvia and many others, is with PictureFX the aim to create a starting point. To achieve an end result you may have to make a few small adjustments, simply because every picture is different, and also reacts differently to a Preset and HaldClut than another picture.

PictureFX Mystical Series is specially made for pictures with cloudy to heavily clouded skies, pictures taken with a clear blue sky and in bright sunlight at the beach are less or not suitable.

Every set in the PictureFX Mystical Series consists of three parts, a Color Preset, a B&W Preset and a matching HaldClut. If you want to test a certain effect in color, first apply the preset, for example “Mystical Storm.pp3” then, if the preset and HaldClut are in the same folder and the HaldClut is also specified in the RawTherapee preferences, the preset will find the matching clut itself. Otherwise, click on Color – the second icon to the right of Exposure – top right in RawTherapee – scroll down to film simulation – find the appropriate clut with the same name – activate film simulation – done.

Why Preset and Haldclut combined?
Certain settings in RawTherapee cannot be transferred to a Haldclut, such as Tone Mapping. It could also be that certain settings mess up a HaldClut, losing the desired effect. The combination of the two allows you to go much more extreme, and that’s the intention 🙂

For more information on how to use presets and HaldCluts in RawTherapee, see here : The largest collection of film simulations / emulations / profiles brought together .

Click here to download PictureFX Mystical Series

Effects Preview Pictures – The left one is a jpg developed neutral from Raw :

PictureFX Mystical After Rain
PictureFX Mystical After Rain Black and White
PictureFX Mystical Autumn
PictureFX Mystical Autumn Black and White
PictureFX Mystical Golden Hour
PictureFX Mystical Golden Hour Black and White
PictureFX Mystical Moonlight
PictureFX Mystical Moonlight Black and White
PictureFX Mystical Planet Mars
PictureFX Mystical Planet Mars Black and White
PictureFX Mystical Storm
PictureFX Mystical Storm Black and White
PictureFX Mystical Sundown
PictureFX Mystical Sundown Black and White

For those who still know PictureFX or myself from, the old site will soon be 10 years old, and will gradually retire, just like me 🙂
But it’s not over yet, PictureFX and myself are continuing on this new site as far as photography is concerned. Bushcrafting has gotten another new home:, but Covid19 has brought this to a halt. Once the old site is no longer available, there is still a copy running at

Published by Marc R.

Belgium Based and Retired Photographer, IT specialist, Technician and Bushcrafter - not necessarily in that order. A few years back I got a message on my PC : "The box said 'Required Windows 11 or better'. So, I installed Linux Kubuntu 20.04 LTS" :-) - My Photography software : RawTherapee, Darktable, Digikam, Luminance HDR, Hugin, Gimp and many other. My camera Gear in 2022: Fujifilm X-H1 for architecture, landscape, ..., and Olympus E-M5 Mark II for bird and wildlife photography.

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